Fellow Ambazonians

I have listened shockingly with dismay the position of the Interim Government banning the AGC, ADF, AMF and SOCADEF. The decision of the IG also bans all their activities on ground zero as well as calling on Ambazonians in the diaspora to report to their local police offices should any of the groups organized any meetings and/or gathering. The decision also calls on Ambazonians to remove those associated to them from WhatsApp groups. The decision goes ahead to say ground zero forces loyal to these groups should move away and join their LGAs structures.

Listening to these decisions from Chris Anu, IG Communications Secretary, I became terrified and I was shaking as I listened, my jaws fell and my body was covered with chills. I was dumb founded because the move reminded me of La Republique January 17th 2017 dictatorial decision to ban the Consortium, SCNC and their activities. That move alone from Cameroun destroyed anything we had with them, shut the doors to any dialogue and led to the current state of the revolution.

I am still to understand what powers the IG has to ban groups especially those with guns and how they intend to implement this if not to ask their military wing, the ASC to engage in actions to implement their decisions. The outcome we already know should anything like that happens. I personally think such moves is a disrespect to the thousands of forces under ADF, SOCADEF, and AMF. Our self-defense forces on ground zero are not testing tubes to protect diaspora political power. IT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN.

The IG decision to declare those type of moves against other groups not only shut down any form of collaboration but opens a room for serious infighting. It’s a recipe for self-defense forces to turn their guns against each other.

As an independent activist who supports the Interim Government but still recognize the role other groups are playing, I personally think this decision coming from the IG is the most shocking decision taken in 2018. It’s ill thought, foolish and has lots of political implications beyond our comprehension. I am saddened and I think it’s a shame. I refuse to go with the emotional reactions of Ambazonians.

Like I said, what I see with the current situation is that of greed, power control, dominance and got nothing to do with any one being compromised. I stated earlier that no leader, no group at this stage is compromised and such moves from the IG only makes 2019 frightening and difficult.

That said, based on what I know, and mindful of the activities of all groups which am privy to most whether good or bad, I cannot in all good faith support the decisions of the IG. I will NOT in any form or shape support those decisions.

In honour of my conscience, my integrity, my undiluted contributions to this revolution, myself and BaretaNews shall continue sharing, propagating all communications, events, activities coming from all groups including the IG so long as those communications, activities, events honour the Ambazonia flag and put the Ambazonia people first without any iota of division.

Ambazonians may not agree with me but this is how I am going to enter 2019 more rigorous in pushing for an Ambazonian Revolutionary Council with a political and defense wing. This is how we are going to win.

My loyalty remains to the flag and Flag only.
God Bless Ambazonia

Mark Bareta



  1. Emmanuel Forji

    December 30, 2018 at 4:18 AM

    I expected this type of write up from you Mark. Whether you like it or not, the IG took the right decision. Those playing political football and experimentation are the people you’re crying have been disrespected.

    ADF can never compromised no matter what on the table, so they have no choice but to succumb by force under a solid structure. Same goes to SOCADEF and AMF which is a mere paper duplicate of ASC role.

  2. Tabot

    December 30, 2018 at 9:38 AM

    Mark, it took you a long time to call out Ayaba when his forces were/are causing havoc at GZ. Perhaps if you called him out earlier, maybe the IG’s action would have been unwarranted, so blame yourself and not the IG. Have you been on Ayaba FB page? This struggle is better off without that kind of follwers.

  3. Ful Etienne

    December 30, 2018 at 10:10 AM

    Mr Mark Berata, I think your personal judgment regards but you alone. I don’t think it’s a wise thing to publish your personal judgment against IG’s decision. Why couldn’t you talk privately with Chris Anu on phone concerning the decision he took against ADF,SOCADEF&AMF? Must you sir send on air what you deem not correct so that everyone is aware of it? To the best of my look at things, the IG’s decision is perfect and correct. It’s taken at the right time. If the aforementioned groups and their leaders don’t want to humble themselves and join the IG to form one FORCE, the only right thing to do now is banning their existence. I believe you are aware of the confusion,killings and infighting s caused by these sects? You may be asking what rights, power,authority the IG have that prompts her to take decision over other groups? The answer is simple. 90% of ambazonians at home are behind the IG. The recent happenings(infightings,killings,division) have called for the banning of the above sects. My advice: the leaders and aderants of the above groups should humble themselves and let go their “selfglory”ambitions and join the IG, so that they become ONE FORCE and work as a team. Failure to do this will only cause more harm to the struggle in the future. It’s needless creating little groups(sects). From my experience on GZ, a greater % is behind the IG and ready to follow or impliment whatever decision taken by her. Other groups should rally behind the IG and fight a common enemy. We have only one enemy and that enemy is LRC. Seeking &fighting for position whereas we haven’t reached buea yet will only cause more division and multiple problems amongst us. In a nutshell, don’t expose what you deem incorrect to the public. Keep it within yourself. Call the person and express freely your mind rather than rushing to publish his flaws(what you deem incorrect) on Facebook or through a video.

  4. Ful Etienne

    December 30, 2018 at 10:32 AM

    The decision taken by C.A is unquestionable and should not be criticized. Why? If you(Mark.B) had spoken to Ayaba Cho we wouldn’t have suffered from the recent happenings on GZ and secondly the decision recently taken by IG would not have been taken. Don’t blame the IG. Blame but yourself for not acting fast, blame yourself for being silent at a time you needed to rise up against Ayaba Cho’s evil deeds. Why are we always proactive? May God help us to see future problems and prevent them rather than waiting for the problems to come before we begin to react.

  5. Augustine Nchukwi

    December 30, 2018 at 1:18 PM

    Mark, the following statements you made should be given a second thought to proof their veracity and out of proportion context.

    1. Do you really believe in this statement that there are” thousands of forces under ADF, SOCADEF, and AMF”? It has surely been blown out out of proportion, because all of ADF, SOCADEF and AMF are not up to 400 according to my own estimate. Prove me wrong. I will be happy to learn from you.

    2. You talk of “an Ambazonian Revolutionary Council with a political and defense wing” How will that change the mentality of Cho Ayaba and Ebenezar Akwanga? These two can never work together talk less working in a military defense wing. Who will lead the other? They have been given enough time to prove what their worth as so called leaders who have been in this strong longer than anyone but have proven to be nothing else but paper tigers. What have they achieved so far and can they show the Ambazonia people to merit their respect? It has been simply rankor, fight for power and hatred of others who have come in with new momentum into the revolution. What has transformed this revolution is the new blood or new leaders and some old ones who have been supporting in quiet not the noisy ADF and SCYL or Socadef. They need to take their place alongside others. They were over rated and king pins for which they have nothing to show for apart from killings, adoptions and illegal dealings. They have no respect and tolerance to other Ambazonians and leaders and so deserve non from the people. Proof me wrong. If they don’t calm down and be respectful and focus on the ball they will never get anywhere in Ambazonia thanks to their self destruction.

  6. Bonnie

    December 30, 2018 at 1:27 PM

    The IG has taken the courage to organise Ambazonian forces on the ground which are in disorder.Everyday we hear of commanders being killed, arrested by various groups,extortions by Atanganji ekema mosunge groups but also Amba boys, IG must have have concrete evidence from ground zero about all the confusion,those groups AGC,ADF etc never wanted collaboration with the IG,their activists are always insulting the IG on social media, they are grown men who should behave properly,communicate, propose positive changes not cause drama,the IG is not perfect, their goal is for independence, representing the people internationally than taking bribes from lrc or money making for themselves,these banned groups should join the ASC and work as a defense force for the people not fighting each other,the SCs population on ground zero are aware of the confusion among these defense groups,no one group will liberate Ambazonians,they must unite, personally the IG has beef up to stop the nonsense on ground zero which the international community does not warrant,AGC,ADF are good forces but they must join ASC and work together,every country has a arm force with a code of conduct,too many loose cannon of forces in Ambazonia,the IG is being watch by many,they will be hold in content if ASC,LGA, ground zero does not deliver results,they should be fighting lrc not other SCs groups on ground zero causing havoc & their social media sorogates fake theories on a daily basis

  7. malis

    December 30, 2018 at 7:03 PM

    The IG did not lose this one, they got it right.

    I’m even angry it took them this long to come out so plain. Ayaba Cho is not above us, he is not indispensable and that goes to all of us.

    Mark, you are kidding, you emote too much. If only you had stood your grounds and call these groups to order, maybe the IG will not be doing this.

    SHAME to all those who did not come out plain and put that devil called Cho Ayaba in his place when hs massacred us, he thinks he is God, stands above 10 million Ambazonians, knows everything, …

    Just as Biya, Ayaba Cho thinks Ambazonians are so afraid of him and should be kissing his ass. To hell.

    Scenario one.
    Victims: Ambazonians
    Devil: Paul Biya the Diaper man
    Saviour: International Community

    Reality: The Devil massacres the victim, the victim runs to the IC cries and calls
    for the devil to be eliminated.

    Scenario two.
    Victims: Ambazonians
    Devil: Ayaba Cho, AGC
    Saviour: International Community ?, …

    Reality: The Devil massacres the victim, the victim is scared of the devil.

    Only mentally sick people will function like this.

    How can we show to the world and to ourselves that we hate evil and love it?

    Ayaba Cho did not only massacre our people, but he also refused to apologize to the mothers of those children and even worst, he promised us, our mothers and the whole of Ambazonian more hell.

    Ayaba Cho will get my attention the day he kills his wife and children and threatens his mother and father that he is going to kill them.

  8. Dylan

    January 2, 2019 at 4:30 AM

    Mark you are nursing a wounded snake, the day it recovers you will be the first victim.
    ….”My loyalty remains to the flag and Flag only” I wish you could come back and explain how one can be loyal to the flag and not to the government that the flag represents.

    The only test for loyalty is an oath of allegiance that countries like America use.
    where people are made to swear to “support, protect and defend the Constitution and Government against all enemies, whether domestic or foreign”

    If that is what you want to invoke to prove your loyalty to Ambazonia you just lost this one. Since you do not agree with the IG for banning domestic enemies, then your allegiance cannot be to the flag, unless you are talking about ADF flag.

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