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Fellow Ambazonians

I have listened shockingly with dismay the position of the Interim Government banning the AGC, ADF, AMF and SOCADEF. The decision of the IG also bans all their activities on ground zero as well as calling on Ambazonians in the diaspora to report to their local police offices should any of the groups organized any meetings and/or gathering. The decision also calls on Ambazonians to remove those associated to them from WhatsApp groups. The decision goes ahead to say ground zero forces loyal to these groups should move away and join their LGAs structures.

Listening to these decisions from Chris Anu, IG Communications Secretary, I became terrified and I was shaking as I listened, my jaws fell and my body was covered with chills. I was dumb founded because the move reminded me of La Republique January 17th 2017 dictatorial decision to ban the Consortium, SCNC and their activities. That move alone from Cameroun destroyed anything we had with them, shut the doors to any dialogue and led to the current state of the revolution.

I am still to understand what powers the IG has to ban groups especially those with guns and how they intend to implement this if not to ask their military wing, the ASC to engage in actions to implement their decisions. The outcome we already know should anything like that happens. I personally think such moves is a disrespect to the thousands of forces under ADF, SOCADEF, and AMF. Our self-defense forces on ground zero are not testing tubes to protect diaspora political power. IT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN.

The IG decision to declare those type of moves against other groups not only shut down any form of collaboration but opens a room for serious infighting. It’s a recipe for self-defense forces to turn their guns against each other.

As an independent activist who supports the Interim Government but still recognize the role other groups are playing, I personally think this decision coming from the IG is the most shocking decision taken in 2018. It’s ill thought, foolish and has lots of political implications beyond our comprehension. I am saddened and I think it’s a shame. I refuse to go with the emotional reactions of Ambazonians.

Like I said, what I see with the current situation is that of greed, power control, dominance and got nothing to do with any one being compromised. I stated earlier that no leader, no group at this stage is compromised and such moves from the IG only makes 2019 frightening and difficult.

That said, based on what I know, and mindful of the activities of all groups which am privy to most whether good or bad, I cannot in all good faith support the decisions of the IG. I will NOT in any form or shape support those decisions.

In honour of my conscience, my integrity, my undiluted contributions to this revolution, myself and BaretaNews shall continue sharing, propagating all communications, events, activities coming from all groups including the IG so long as those communications, activities, events honour the Ambazonia flag and put the Ambazonia people first without any iota of division.

Ambazonians may not agree with me but this is how I am going to enter 2019 more rigorous in pushing for an Ambazonian Revolutionary Council with a political and defense wing. This is how we are going to win.

My loyalty remains to the flag and Flag only.
God Bless Ambazonia

Mark Bareta

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