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La Republique Systematical Destruction of Southern Cameroons.



Negotiations with the two Cameroons

Why Southern Cameroonians need to restore their own government and refuse the crumbs from their “masters” of La Republique du Cameroun.

Mamfe used to be an economic hub during colonial times and prior to that, the town had a vibrant river port that was used as a major trading hub to transport goods and traders to Nigeria via cross river, numerous warehouses, hotels, large international trading stores, a nearby airport in Besongabang, passable roads as early as 1920, etc. Most trade from neighbouring Nigeria had to transit through Mamfe on their way to Kumba and Bamenda via Nguti, Widikum and Bali. These were all huge cities during colonial times.

Then we joined La Republique du Cameroun and the government deliberately decided to destroy our economy. As part of this strategy, they had to destroy the economic activities of Mamfe. They analysed and concluded that if they can cut of the road network of Mamfe and other cities, the entire economy of several cities and individuals will be affected.

First from 1972, the public works department (PWD) that was responsible for maintaining the roads from Kumba to Mamfe, Bamenda to Mamfe was starved of financial support and later on disbanded. The equipments (caterpillars, tractors, etc) were taken to La Republique du Cameroun and another company formed. For over 50 years, the road to Mamfe was not maintained until it became impassable. They also closed down the river port and the airport in Besongabang. Mamfe for long remained a shadow of itself. All this was done with the help of a few Manyu elites that they had taken to Yaounde.

Mamfe was not the only town affected by the vague policies of La Republique du Cameroun. To destroy Kumba after Mamfe, the road was also cut off from Mutengene for more than 20 years. There are many other examples of how La Republique du Cameroun have used their institutions to destabilise the economy of our region. They destroyed our school system targeting our technical schools, destroyed our banks, businesses and businessman, rail system in Tiko, seaports in Tiko and Limbe, etc. As we speak, they are actively disintegrating our last remaining plantations CDC and Pamol Lobe.

Are those people we can trust our future into their hands? We need to be wise and settle this matter once and for all. We are not slaves for citizens of La Republique du Cameroun and will never be their slaves.

Rexon Nting (Phd)

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