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The Kedjom Keku Massacre: For The Attention Of Ambazonian Traditional Rulers, Friends And Sympathisers Of Ambazonia





The Kedjom Keku Massacre: For The Attention Of Ambazonian Traditional Rulers, Friends And Sympathisers Of Ambazonia


As we continue to mourn the massacre of over a dozen Ambazonian citizens in Kedjom Keku (Big Babanki), Tubah Local Government Area (LGA) in Mezam County, by La République du Cameroun military, under the instrumentalisation of occultic Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) members in and outside Yaounde, using the Fon of Kedjom Keku, Fon Benjamin Vutsibong as the facilitator of their macabre project, let the world know these killings had been planned and the execution phase began on 19 May 2023. 


Having programmed the massacre of their “enemies” in Kedjom Keku, the occultic CPDM elites under the supervision & direction of those in Yaounde, contracted their “suffering mothers” in Kedjom Keku to protest against “exorbitant taxes” allegedly imposed by “Amba boys” on 19 May 2023. It should be noted that the nation of Ambazonia was observing a three-day lockdown called for by the Interim Government (IG) of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, against the “celebration/commemoration” of “fête de l’unité nationale” which in effect is a day the Southern Cameroons State was finally dissolved & absorbed in La République du Cameroun. 


In like manner, these CPDM elites contracted “Amba boys” in Kedjom Keku to “arrest” these women, videotaped them in a dehumanising & humiliating manner so as to undermine and possibly render the Ambazonian Liberation Struggle most rudderless. As it is the modus operandi of La République du Cameroun, this act was conceived to whip up sentiments and sympathies for the Cameroun junta from national and international systems, as well as give ammunitions to enemies of the Restoration of the State of Ambazonia, a voice to go after the IG and the Ambazonian Restoration Forces (ARF).


In a surprising move (which was absolutely uncalled for) in the name of “expressing anger” against the “Amba boys”, Fon Benjamin Vutsibong of Kedjom Keku invited the Cameroun military to come and build a military camp in his village.


Within three days after the invitation from Fon Benjamin Vutsibong, the Biya military descended on Kedjom Keku indiscriminately killing everyone whom they could find. A Quarter Head (whose names we are still to lay hands on) whom Fon Benjamin Vutsibong had instructed in an audio message to assist the Cameroun military in locating the whereabouts of an alleged ARF so as to be killed, was also killed. We are told the Quarter Head was among the over a dozen other killed because he refused to do what the Fon wanted him to do.


This notion of forceful tax collection is the brainchild of Cho Ayaba, Capo Daniel and their group called AGovC and ADF. These individuals and their group have never been heard or seen battling the enemy, LRC, since they started “collecting taxes” in Moghamo Local Government Area over the years. Paradoxically, they are known to be fighting and killing our own. Their forceful tax drive is meant to discourage our already suffering population…..hoping that they would turn their back against the struggle. Seeing the disdain our people have against this tax palaver, the CPDM occultic elites contracted both the Kedjom Keku women and the “Amba boys” to act that 19 May 2023 film whose consequences we are all witnessing today.


Intriguingly, Cho Ayaba, Capo Daniel and their group are known for covertly and overtly working for the enemy. A few weeks ago, Capo Daniel in one of his “daily podcasts” said the only fighter they had in Fako was allegedly killed by his “frienemy” Cho Ayaba. When LRC killed Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC)  Mondoni workers on 10/02/2023, Capo Daniel came out and claimed that they did it. Who then did it when Capo Daniel stated that the only fighter they was killed by his “frienemy” Cho Ayaba? Whether Ayaba is against and vice versa Capo, Ambazonians know them as birds of a feather pretentiously flocking in different directions but stealthily working towards Yaoundé.


After these killings in Kedjom Keku, have the CPDM occultic elites (who instrumentalised the Fon of Kedjom Keku achieved) their objective? Do they know that they are helping the Bulu-Béti junta to depopulate their communities? 


And to the Fons & Chiefs of Ambazonia: if they did not know, they should know that they are the custodians of traditional values of their various communities. We know La République du Cameroun consider them auxillaries to their administration and as such, they are being given peanuts. A Fon/Chief is the responsibility of his people. So, let the Fon reign in his village and avoid listening and dancing to the tune of La République du Cameroun.


In sum, the Fons and Chiefs reign in their villages. As a matter of fact, Kedjom Keku, Guzang, Ekondo Titi or  Bambalang existed before the coming into Ambazonia of the Portuguese, Germans & British. At no time, did these colonialists interfere with the running of these communities. How comes that a Fon would invite merciless killers to come and kill his people? As it is costumary with our tradition, the Fon or Chief is the umbrella of the good the bad and the ugly. How comes the good people of Kedjom Keku allowed some occultic individuals under the payroll of the Yaounde junta to manipulate them in killing theirs?


The lesson all Ambazonians & Friends of Ambazonia should learn is that La République du Cameroun, after failing to defeat Ambazonia Restoration Forces they had hoped to do so in two months, have now resulted in the killings of unarmed & innocent civilians, which are war crimes, genocidal crimes, crime against humanity, etc.


This massacre in Kedjom Keku is one too many since Mr Biya’a Bi Mvondo Paul Bathélèmy declared on Ambazonia on 30 November 2017. The massacre of mostly young Ambazonians is intended to depopulate our people. Let it be known that the mission of the Biya military in Ambazonia is not about “protecting lives, properties and restoring peace” but trying to exterminate Ambazonians so as to have unperturbed access to their natural resources. If they were to succeed they would import their people to replace ours. Unfortunately, those assisting Cameroun to annihilate their people, do not know that they are unconsciously opening their shores for Camerounese come and take over their villages.


On the whole, any traditional ruler who wants to forfeit their costumary role in his village should simply pack, go and naturalise as a Camerounese and settle in Cameroun. The Fon of Nso, Sehm Mbinglo II has repeatedly said “one is  at home wherever he resides”. Thus, the Fon of Nso is very much “at home” in Yaoundé as it has become his “new home”. Whether Cameroun is two and divisible or one and indivisible, is not the business of any traditional ruler. The traditional ruler is supposed to reign within the territorial boundaries of his Fondom or Chiefdom. He is not a politician. He is enthroned to reign over his village and people. 


At the fullness of time, all those who have assisted Yaoundé to kill Ambazonians will be brought to book. A word is good enough for those who value wise counseling.


Wan Atso Atse is an Ambazonian Pro-independent Campaigner, writing from @CityOfAdelaide, @Australia, 20 June 2023

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