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Southern Cameroonians Heard Donald Trump Louder-Boh Herbert



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Trump Did Not Once Name Southern Cameroons, But… Even Our Eyes Heard Him, Loud and Cear
By Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh)
Spokesperson, MoRISC

From the United Nations, American President Donald Trump addressed the world’s worst tyrants, autocrats and colonialists. A certain President Paul Biya of La Republique du Cameroun Paul Biya escaped direct fire, given that Trump had much bigger fish to fry in the leaders of North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela. Here are the main messages Trump had for Biya and tyrants of his ilk:

“We (the peoples of the United Nations) must reject threats to (our) sovereignty from Ukraine to the South China Sea… (and Southern Cameroons as well). We must uphold respect for law (such as UNGA Resolution 1608), respect for borders (such as those inherited from colonization in keeping with Article 4(b) of the African Union) and (we must have) respect for culture (such as the unique culture of the people of Southern Cameroons).”

Trump called on the Biya regime “to respect the interests of their own people and the rights of every other sovereign nation” (such as the rights of the sovereign state of Southern Cameroons).

To respect the sovereignty of peoples (like Southern Cameroonians) “rogue regimes (lie Mr. Biya’s) represented in this body” must stop threatening “their own people” and must let them “take ownership of the future and control (of) their own destiny.”

Leaders are not elected “to take power, but to give power to the people (including to the people of Southern Cameroons), where it belongs.”

In order to “aspire to the approval of history”, Mr. Biya & Co. must stop belonging to “a small group of rogue regimes that violate every principle on which the United Nations is based”. Regimes that “respect neither their own citizens nor the sovereign rights of their countries.”

Trump wanted Biya to know that it is the sacred duty of the people of Southern Cameroons to “confront the wicked few” who seek to sell their sovereignty to Colonial La Republique. Mr. Biya should no longer expect “decent people and nations (to remain) bystanders to history” while “the forces of destruction (…) gather power and strength”.

Trump may have named Iran, but his message on curbing freedoms and liberties was also spoken to Biya whose regime, like the Iranian regime, fears the people of Southern Cameroons. “This is what causes the (Biya) regime to restrict Internet access, tear down satellite dishes, shoot unarmed student protestors, and imprison political reformers.”

Trump had a forecast: oppressive regimes like Mr. Biya’s “cannot endure forever (…) The time will come (it is already here… on the 1st of October 2017) when the people (of Southern Cameroons will stop going “down the path of poverty, bloodshed, and terror”; choosing instead to return Southern Cameroons to the “proud roots (it once had, and to a country) where their people can be happy and prosperous once again.”

Boh Herbert, MoRisc Spokesman

Trump, whose government has cut funding to Biya’s terrorist forces, added: “It is time to expose and hold responsible those countries (like LRC) who support and finance terror groups (such as the BIR, the Gendarmerie and the forces of insecurity and lawlessness who) slaughter innocent people.”

Trump had advice for Mr. Biya on the need for the latter to “seek the de-escalation” of the crisis in the Cameroons by settling for “a political solution that honors the will of the people” of Southern Cameroons, of course; not the will of Yaounde. Failure to do so would be putting the Cameroons in the group of countries Trump described as “going to hell”.

Trump joined the people of Southern Cameroons in expressing the hope that the United Nations will do its job such as ensure full implementation of UNGA Resolution 1608. Trump looks forward to the day (hopefully soon) when “the United Nations can be a much more accountable and effective advocate for human dignity and freedom around the world”, including in Southern Cameroons. He warned that America will not “stand by and watch” while countries (like Southern Cameroons) collapse under the yoke of authoritarian or terrorist rule.

Describing America as “a responsible neighbor and friend” of countries threatened by badmouthing governance, Trump said the goal of the USA will remain to support suffering peoples of the world (such as Southern Cameroonians to) “regain their freedom, recover their country, and restore their democracy.”

To all those in the Cameroons “who preach the tenets of discredited” forms of the “one, and indivisible” country, Trump said they “only contribute to the continued suffering of the people who live under these cruel system.”

“America stands with every person living under a brutal regime” including obviously those who live under recolonization in Southern Cameroons. America’s “respect for sovereignty is a call for action” to emphasize that all peoples, including Southern Cameroonians, “deserve a government that cares for their safety, their interests, and their wellbeing, including their prosperity.”

Trump put this out there. It is the same patriotism which “led the Poles to die to save Poland, the French to fight for a free France, and the Brits to stand strong for Britain” that lives in the people of Southern Cameroons and will lead them “to give their lives to defend it.” As with Americans, Southern Cameroonians will achieve restoration because this is what “is possible when people take ownership of their future (when they) seize their freedom by going deep into the root on how their countries were formed”.

It is true that Trump did not specifically address these words to Mr. Biya or to Southern Cameroonians. However, this is a case of Mr. Biya having ears that cannot hear; and of Southern Cameroonians being healed through words that inspire the actions and faith we need as we complete the march to Buea and Restoration of Independence come Sunday, the 1st of October 2017.


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