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Kumba Residents Mourn On Days After Brutal Colonial Killing




Kumba Residents Mourn On Days After Brutal Colonial Killings.

By Mbah Godlove.

Residents of Fiango, a neighborhood in Kumba, Meme county of the Southern Zone are still grieving following the brutal murder of a popular denizen by colonial soldiers.

Multiple local media outlets have reported that the deceased man was with his fellow team mates in a social group known as Veteran group when a contingent of heavily armed colonial gendarme  walked in and asked to apprehend one of the group’s member.

The late victim quickly told the occupational forces that it was unlawful to arrest someone without a warrant.

This was his crime.

Tone of the colonial soldiers moved closer to him and immediately pulled the trigger on his chest.

At this point, the rest of the group members watched their own dying in his own pull of blood.

This was the end of the life of a man who had left a family at home.

The painful death of the gentleman is just an example of what Ambazonians are compelled to go through almost every passing day.

Meantime, the people of Fiango find it hard to believe that a friend of all children has suddenly left them.

This is the bitter reality that Ambazonians will only stop to experience when they march past the battle line to Buea where a full package of independence await them.

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