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Big Babanki Colonial Slaughtering Sparks Wide Spread Condemnation



Big Babanki Colonial Slaughtering Sparks Wide Spread Condemnation.

By Mbah Godlove.

Residents of Big Babanki, a village in Tuba LGA, Mezam county have been in shock after their traditional ruler invited colonial soldiers to slaughter locals with impunity, a situation which has attracted much condemnation.

For nearly two weeks now, a contingent of French Cameroun troops have invaded the village, killing everybody they meet in the area.

Reliable sources say dozens of ordinary citizens have been brutally slaughtered in the last one week alone.

One of those murdered was a lady with hearing and speech impairment and her mother who were pulled out from their house and brutally killed, with their body parts disintegrated.

Meantime, villagers have indicted the run/away traditional ruler of Babanki Fon Vubangsi Benjamin who has been in Yaounde since the outset of the War of Independence for the killings and destruction happening on their land.

Apart from human slaughtering, houses have been razed and cars, bikes, including animals have also gone down.

The said traditional ruler wrote to the colonial administration, requesting the deployment of occupational soldiers to take charge of the village.

Today, locals label him a wizard who has no human feelings for his people.

They have asked him never to step foot on the land since he has decided to join the colonial regime to exterminate them.

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