Ambazonian Leaders risk death sentence following terrorism charges- Reuters Reports




Cameroonian separatists risk death sentence following terrorism charges

YAOUNDE (Reuters) – Ten Cameroonian separatist leaders extradited from Nigeria earlier this year will face trial next month on terrorism charges that could lead to the death penalty, one of their lawyers said after a court hearing on Tuesday.

The accused include Julius Ayuk Tabe, the leader of an Anglophone separatist movement in western Cameroon fighting to break away from the Francophone-dominated central government.

Hundreds of people, including civilians, separatist fighters and Cameroonian security agents, have been killed in the past year’s violence, which has emerged as the most serious security threat to President Paul Biya, in power for 36 years.

“Ten charges have been brought against them, including terrorism, advocating terrorism, secession, civil war and revolution,” lawyer Christopher Ndong told Reuters after the charges were read out at the capital Yaounde’s military court.

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  1. Bonnie

    November 27, 2018 at 11:59 PM

    French Cameroon is playing their cat and mouse games,since no Ambazonian has seen these abductees yet, there is great suspecious that they had been killed by biya long ago,what ever the evil games they are playing together with that suspecious lawyers of Sisiku will never deter the goals of liberation!biya is guilty of murder by genocide in Ambazonia even if this death penalty is held by fakeness to cover up murder, biya’s criminal acts stays to be revenge, no Ambazonian in this struggle will be distracted,no one has seen them over a year yet liberation fight is ongoing,it will escalate if biyas kangaroo death penalty hold without physically seeing them,lrc forgets to understand that times had move on, technology has caught the barbaric lying regime,Sisiku and Co have many friends,love ones families and supporters all over the world watching,they will to continue fight lrc and make them pay for their bloody hands in Ambazonian,biya the french colonial puppet must accept his defeat,Cameroon will never be one with or without the butcher of french Cameroon

  2. malis

    November 28, 2018 at 1:30 AM

    There is absolutely nothing that anyone can use to psychologically disarm us Southern Cameroonians.

    We know the 21-century slave traders in Yaounde are not the one taking the decisions but external international powers, we know that very well. Everything that is happening in Southern Cameroon only happens because they gave and are giving the orders. As a matter of fact, we Southern Cameroonians are here in this current situation because they gave the orders.

    We shall see how the world is going to sit by and watch how 10 Million innocent Southern Cameroonians are massacred by a demonic, satanic, western civilization sponsored and diaper wearing mad dog in the name of Biya.

    We Shall See.

    Do all you want, we are not giving up, not today, not tomorrow, never. This time, we are not backing off. No matter how much you people kill, we are not moving an inch.

    This world belongs to us Africans just like every other race and we are not begging anybody for our place.

    Kill us all, or let go of your fantasy.

  3. Mukong

    November 28, 2018 at 4:39 AM

    Do not be fool by threats and intimidations. We must not forget that empty vessels make the loudest noise.
    I just hope the etoudi criminal remember how he treated Foncha and Muna like children and finally deluded himself into believing that his actions are inconsequential.
    This time around, Biya the french slave and his gang of criminals must understand that they have not seen anything yet.

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