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Ground Zero Forces: The Best Opportunity To Assert Your Independence, Unity And Collaboration






Ground Zero Forces: The Best Opportunity To Assert Your Independence, Unity And Collaboration

Everyone knows that Cameroun did not abduct Sisiku et al to play with them. Cameroun abducted them to derail our focus, set confusion and delay us. They tried but never succeeded. Like Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas posted on 20th February 2019, he said ” Sisiku will not be freed by the lawyers. Replace dane guns”. He was/is right. No courts or legal system in Cameroun will be able to free Sisiku et al. The court appearances were just formalities and our leaders knew that. Only a resistant revolution, strong ground zero response will free Sisiku. Only these actions on the ground that translate to a strong international community coming to terms with our resistance will free Sisiku et al. Cameroun knows that even an amnesty without formally getting into negotiations will not end the war or resume schools. These are the facts

Therefore, the life sentencing of these leaders must not make any group or anyone put in plans that has not been well articulated. Spontaneous reactions could be to show that we stand with Leadership in jail as ADF did in Bamenda today and that made waves in BBC and local papers.

Any response to the life sentencing of our leaders should NOT be lock downs. It should be covert operations both in GZ and ATM that speaks for itself. It should be operations that see our parks filled with strangers running away. It should be actions that make all regime officials moving away. All these should be covert and let it speak for itself

Ambazonia Forces on ground zero on 14th August had announced a special lock down on September 2-6th and 9-13th not in response to any life sentencing but for the purpose we all know. These came from the boys themselves after a careful planning. Their only objective is to make sure campaigners of back to school be put to shame as this lock down should act as a cost effective way to protect the lives of our people over those pushing them to get into harms way in the name of school resumption. This is focused action and we must support that. The situation after 13th September could be reviewed to see the next move. In fact, the sentencing of Sisiku et al should reinforce and solidifies the September lock down in passing a message

If we are for the flag, diaspora leadership must come to the terms that sometimes you must let it go and follow what the forces on the ground have said without coming in or pushing alternative dates just in a bid to show power or to claim who is in control. Don’t we just get tired? Even at this critical moment when the world looks how we will react, we still exhibit real confusion and lack of leadership.

I know that lock down for the purpose of protecting our kids being pushed to resume school against their rights to life stays on September 2-6th and 9-13th 2019. I will follow what Ground zero Forces say and that is what this platform will propagate. Our people should use this time to put all things in order on or before 2nd September. We cannot be seen to set confusion on the ground. I am expecting all stakeholders to rally behind our forces. Should our forces act otherwise, then like the biblical bible says, every people deserve their leaders then I will know Ground zero has completely lost it. But we trust in our Ground Zero forces to make sure the ‘Protecting Children Lives Lock down (Sept 2-6 and 9-13th) is total’. This is your time to assert Unity, Your own Independence and Collaboration

Good Night

Mark Bareta

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