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Between Ambazonia and La Republique du Cameroun; Who is Afraid of Negotiations?




Between Ambazonia and La Republique du Cameroun; Who is Afraid of Negotiations?

In a press statement released after his recent audience with the colonial blood sucking President of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), Ambassador Barlerin of the United States, is quoted to have said in relation to the present conflict that;

“I discussed with the President our view that the two sides in the conflict are simply not listening to each other.”

Obviously, the two sides referring to here are the Ambazonian revolutionary leadership and the rogue regime of LRC. But to what extent is this assertion true? Between the two conflicting parties, who has been ready for dialogue and who has been afraid of dialogue.?

It is evidently clear from the records of the commencement of this revolution, (which started as a mere teachers and lawyers strike) that the party that has simply refused to listen to the language of dialogue is the colonial regime of LRC, under Paul Biya. In fact, if the situation metamorphosed from a simple strike action to an armed revolutionary conflict, it is because, the belligerent party or aggressor, which is LRC has completely ignore the cry for frank and inclusive dialogue by Ambazonians. The word “dialogue” in Mr. Biya’s dictionary has a completely different meaning than in the dictionary of Ambazonians.

The colonial regime arrested and jailed the leadership of the Consortium for eight months because, they saw themselves as superior beings that could not descend so low to talk with mere citizens (even though they had actually started listening to each other). That is why they first of all declared outrightly that there was no “Anglophone Problem.”

The decision to ban the Consortium and the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) after arresting the leaders and causing others to flee, was because the colonial regime was and is still arrogantly proud, as dialogue to them meant/mean tolerating rebellion from probably insignificant two cubes of sugar.

The international community, notably the UN, the African Union and other international organizations have repeatedly called for an all-inclusive dialogue between the colonialists and Southern Cameroons stakeholders. But because the regime has ben afraid of an inclusive dialogue, they have always resorted to their own form of partisan dialogue.

The dying Yaoundé regime declared war on Ambazonians because, they depended and still depend on the argument of force rather than the force of argument, which is through dialogue, to address the outstanding issues. They have continued to empty their treasury and equally extorting money from innocent Ambazonians to fund this senseless war. They keep doing all these because, as they claim, they cannot dialogue with terrorists and secessionists.

The regime spent a fortune in successfully kidnapping His Excellency Julius Ayuk-Tabe and his team, and allegedly deported them to LRC because, they were and have never been ready to dialogue with the Interim Government of Ambazonia. In their own mind, how could they be dialoguing with terrorists and slaves?

Ambazonians did not plan for conflict. Ambazonians, for 56 years of slavery have never thought of liberating themselves through an arm conflict. In fact, that is why the motto of the leading homebased group that preached an independence Ambazonia over the years, was; “the FORCE of ARGUMENT and NOT the ARGUMENT of FORCE.” It is a clear evidence that the people of Ambazonia have never been afraid of dialogue or listen to the colonial regime in Yaoundé.

At the beginning of the revolution, the leadership, as it transited from one stage to another maintained that it was a non-violent movement. Even when Ambazonians were massacred on the DECEMBER 8, 2016 in Bamenda and Kumba, September 22, 2017 and October 1, 2017 all over Ambazonia, the people still showed a lot of restrain.

There is no individual that can continue to restrain forever, when his/her people are being massacred to extinction. The declaration of war on Ambazonians by the colonial Paul Biya, was and is a clear signal that dialogue has failed. Ambazonians cannot therefore sit and watch themselves extinct because they want to be nonviolent. What happened to the right to self-defense?

Consequently, whatever the restoration forces are doing right now on ground, they are simply defending themselves and the people from the genocidal activities currently being perpetuated on them by the terrorist regime and its forces. They did not bargain for it but were simply forced into it. They protested peacefully with peace plants and were massacred, some decided to sleep in their homes and were still killed. Therefore, instead of being killed like a chicken, it is better to be killed at least while defending themselves.

All though the revolution, Ambazonians have always insisted on the need for a frank and inclusive dialogue on the root causes of the conflict. The interim government has on several occasions, given out conditions precedent for dialogue and has also repeatedly expressed the need for the mediation of the international community in such dialogue.

On their part, the rogue regime has preached dialogue largely on paper than in practice, refusing to recognize the revolutionary leaders, while applying divide and rule tactics. That is why it is currently in a war as its own solution to the conflict. It is now clear who has been and is afraid of dialogue. Why afraid of dialogue if you have a genuine case?

BaretaNews cannot therefore fully agree with the position of the US Ambassador that both sides have simply not been listening to each other. LRC, the aggressor has completely refused to listen to Ambazonians. In fact, as the belligerent party, LRC is supposed to be the one to declare a ceasefire and indicate her readiness for negotiations.

At this juncture, Ambazonians seek a negotiated settlement of the conflict, that would see the two parties conclude on the terms of peaceful separations, payment of reparations (if any), and leaving side by side as neighbors.


James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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