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Biya Will Win Because Of Fru Ndi



There is all indication that the current Chairman of the SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi would be chosen by NEC of the SDF as the SDF Presidential candidate.

While Ni John is unpopular amongst SDF electorates and sympathisers, the chairman is extremely popular amongst the National Executive Committee members of the SDF. Unfortunately, it’s the NEC that elects the chairman of the party and decides the SDF Presidential candidate. If SDF militants were to decide who would be the SDF Presidential candidate for the 2018 Presidential election, then Ni John Fru Ndi would certainly be voted out.

Why is the population against Ni John Fru Ndi?

The chairman is very passive. He is very indifferent. He does not act as an opposition party leader. He is so reluctant to challenge the ruling party. He allows the ruling party to act recklessly. Ni John Fru Ndi does not fulfil his responsibility as an opposition party leader, who commands the second biggest party in the country. Fru Ndi does not hold the CPDM accountable for their mistakes (mismanagement, misappropriation and embezzlement of state funds, for election rigging, bribery, corruption, torture, killing, high unemployment level, high national debts, capital flight, poor infrastructure, etc). It is highly believed by most Cameroonians that the SDF is sleeping with the CPDM. Most Cameroonians believe that Ni John Fru Ndi is gaining from the ruling party and that he is hugely responsible for the poor state of affairs in Cameroon. His silence has given Biya the audacity to act the way he (Biya) wishes.

Why are NEC members supporting Ni John?

The current NEC members have been Ni John Fru’s most loyal supporters. These guys have been with Ni John for a very long time. They have always offered their shoulders for the Chairman to lean on, even when the Chairman was being challenged by people like Muna, Asonganyi, Tamanjong, Akonteh, etc. The members of the NEC are aware of the chairman’s unpopularity. They cannot do anything now or advise the chairman to change his approach. They NEC members do not have the courage to as the chairman to step down. They have fallen into their own trap. They connived with the chairman to kick out important members of the party. They bought into the silly approaches of the chairman. They seem to have been sharing with the chairman, the crumbs falling off the CPDM table. They succeeded in becoming NEC members by ‘head-butting’ Ni John’s enemies and by shielding Ni John. Despite Ni John’s weaknesses and unpopularity, these ‘nchindas’ will do all that it takes to defend and promote Ni John for selfish reasons rather than for party reasons.

Any NEC member (nchinda) who attempts to stand against the chairman as SDF party Presidential candidate will be SACKED. That is certain. You will be considered as a party destabiliser.
As popular as he is amongst SDF militants and sympathisers, Joshua Osih cannot express his willingness to stand against dictator Fru Ndi. If Osih attempts to stand as SDF Presidential candidate, Osih WILL be DISMISSED from the SDF. This is how undemocratic the SDF is.

Ndi John is so certain to stand again.

It’s for the above reasons, Ni John Fru Ndi is not scared of any internal and imminent challenges. It’s for the same reasons Ni John acts so irresponsibly. Ni John is so confident of himself, knowing fully well that he has created a system where he will always remain unchallenged.

SDF unwilling and unprepared to take over power.

As long as the SDF executive members can be sleeping with the CPDM at night and enjoying all the pleasures, they are fine with the current dispensation. The only time Ni John and his cronies will act as opposition party members would be when the CPDM will stop scratching their backs. And the CPDM will never stop scratching these guys’ backs.

Joshua Nambangi Osih

If there was a provision in the SDF constitution that states that the SDF Presidential candidate would be chosen by SDF militants (not just NEC members), I strongly believe Osih would have had the courage to declare his intention to run for the position of the president of Cameroon under the SDF. The young man is now scared and terrified to own up. Osih is one of Fru Ndi’s most loyal ‘babies’. Challenging his Pa now seems to be a taboo for him (Joshua).

Biya to win thanks to Ni John Fru

The SDF has not declared their candidate. They have not started any serious campaign. They do not have a Secretary General. Elections are just less than 2 years from now.

SDF National Executive Committee is doing everything possible to make sure that Paul Biya Bi Mvondo wins the 2018 Presidential Election.

By Callistus Funjong

Analyst, BaretaNews

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