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Building Self Defence On Social Media



Self Defence on Social Media: We Must Punch Hard.

We all know that this struggle is fought both online and offline. We have succeeded to come this far because of the role of the social media. Social media has its role. This is the more reason la Republique took away our internet. The battle is fought on all fronts.

La Republique is not giving up. There is a kinda new waves of attack coming from La Republique agents in the name of NW/SW divide. We have come this far because we succeeded in burying this notion which was imposed on us. We went on to look at ourselves only as Southern Cameroonians. Yet, La Republique is still testing the waters to stoke this NW/SW issues so that they can continue playing on us. They want to “regionalised” the struggle and paint certain people as holy while others as evil. Please, my fellow Southern Cameroonians, we must not give into those kind of languages. We must build our walls against such evils.

Last week, I explained the issues about border towns within neighbouring countries and how they share certain similarities and this is true across the world. Southern Cameroons had independence as one single block without any of these NW/SW issues. La Republique is stocking the message for us to look at ourselves as a region within their country. We refuse to accept that.

Therefore, we must defend the social media space against anyone who by intention, omission or otherwise tries to inflame this nonsense of NW/SW divide. We must not let them go. We must attack them like bees so that they should know we will not succumb to their narratives. The people of Southern Cameroons are happily living amongst each other, getting married etc. Just as we have no social problem with the Francophones, our people have no problem amongst themselves. It is a political stigma from the colonial regimes of Alhidjo and Paul Biya to continue the annexation of Southern Cameroons and in truth, they have been using the same Southern Cameroonians to carry out this annexation game. We must rise above these individuals. We must rise above our various ethnic groups and work toward restoration of Southern Cameroons Independence. We must send a strong message to these satanic agents of Paul Biya that never again shall we give them the breathing space. This is why we must protect our social media space and do away with all agents of darkness, divisiveness.

As we have started, let us continue to build our walls, build self defence on social media against all these agents who stock hatred and division against our people. A particular note goes to one Abraham Johnson Batey Batey. This is someone I met on Facebook, I thought he was a civil father but his articles and comments reveals deep hatred against people from the northern zones. Reading through his Facebook wall this morning and his comments got me shocked because the statements he made can lead to a genocide against people from the northern zone. He uses words like pigs, rats in his comments to describe fellow Southern Cameroonians. I am calling him out because I want Southern Cameroonians to take note of him. This is what I rarely do but I think those who still believe in a certain one Cameroun agenda or unitary state can respectfully argue that without stocking hatred and genocidal language against a certain zone.

I hope Mr. Abraham will rise up from this and continue to fight for his believes without stocking this type of hatred and allow those who believe in the restoration dream to work on. People from northern and southern zones are fine and if they have differences, it can as any other nation be settled out. There is no family, clan etc without differences. Southern Cameroons is one and indivisible.

I call on us all not to fall into the trap of anyone stocking NW SW divide. Fight them till the last of your blood for the sake of mother Southern Cameroons both online and offline. We are getting there soon and we must chop off all those who stand in our ways.

Mark Bareta.

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