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The Suffering Of Southern Cameroons, The Benefits Of Cameroun





The Suffering Of Southern Cameroons, The Benefits Of Cameroun

The British Southern Cameroons from inception has always paid the price and Cameroun 8 regions enjoy for nothing done. This is what their national dialogue want to do. More than 10.000 deaths shall not be used to benefit regions in Cameroun. We will fight it to our last breath.

When two parties fight, no one party has the legitimacy to declare dialogue, choose venue, appoints its chairman and then declare its indivisibility. When a President cum dictator calls a Dialogue and then says the country is one and indivisible, the very core of the conflict then it’s not more a dialogue, It’s a charade. When a dictator calls a dialogue then at same time multiplies its troops at strategic locations in our land, then it’s no more sincere, its calamity. The very CPDM ministers, elites who till date have found no atrocities committed by government troops cannot sit to talk, those who have insulted the very pain of their own people. Therefore, anyone sitting in a so called national dialogue, the outcome is clear-the One CameroUn agenda

Separatists in all good faith cannot be part of a photo up meeting to help reduce the diplomatic pressure on its enemy. Like we have stated before, we are always ready for negotiations and that can only be possible when Cameroun sits on the table with representatives of Southern Cameroons to talk about how this thing happened in 1961 and how to live happily side by side as neighbours. The Swiss led process is ready to engage in this, the USA government has offered her services through Ambassador Cohen to act as a media, Norway and other countries are willing to mediate. This is the only dialogue Ambazonians will take charge- that which brings both parties to talk on the root cause of the crisis not a house full of CPDM sympathisers, Enablers and so called religious authorities who are clergy by day and licking Biya’s ass by night.

Let it be known that persons that will sit and decide in a so called national dialogue is a non starter and they are on their own. We are prepared to take this war even to 20 years as long as the aspirations of the people are not met and as Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas group the AGovC had proposed, the destabilisation Of Cameroun and the overthrow of Dictator Paul Biya is now a possibility and shall be followed judiciously. The blood of our heroes cannot be used to satisfy Cameroun.

Yes, we are ready to dialogue but not one imposed and dictate by an enemy colonial state that has massacred our people and continue doing so with impunity.

Mark Bareta

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