As I sat down in my quiet corner thinking of how best I could commemorate the day the man I looked up to as my president was arrested, I felt a sign of despair, fear and loss of hope. Yes LOSS OF HOPE. Did I just say HOPE. Yes HOPE: Those four letters pierced my memory like a needle. A silent voice told me that we have fought a good fight and just when we were about to bring down the elephant, disorder came in and hope was lost again. That little voice became so sharp that I was almost crumbling to it tenets and demands. The demands to give up because infighting has engulf the land. Give up because leadership was lacking to take us further. Give up because you will never win this struggle and you will perish like a park of carts. Give up because many have given up and more are on the way to. Give up because personally, you have lost so much. Give up, give up… the voice kept resonating.

Just when I was about to give up and fall to the negative voice of a lost hope, one other voice told me, Mr. Achiri why don’t you call your pastor and speak with him. Why don’t you talk to other friends in the struggle, why don’t you follow other positive activists on Facebook and see what they are offering this day? These questions were like a motivation to try something else. Yes I went to Facebook, visited Mark Bareta, Eric Tataw, Ray Timah and luckily Ray’s post on that day was a video of Martin Luther King Junior with his famous “I have a Dream Speech”. After listening to that video, it dawn on me that the dream Dr King was talking about could be changed to HOPE. Though I had listened to this speech so many times, it came to me as a special edition again. It brought me HOPE:

The HOPE that one day we will not be judge by the language we speak but by the will to serve
The hope that one day, our own kids will not be seen as the “OTHERS” in the land of their birth but as part of the within.
The HOPE that one day, our destinies will not be decided before we are born, but when we grow mature and ready to contribute to a nation that does not divide us on any lines.
The HOPE that the respect of human rights, rule of law, law enforcement will be the general good of all in the land and not the absolute right of a reserved few.
The hope that Sisiku AYUK Tabe and his team will come out one day stronger than they went in.
That hope was the hope that gave me a true sense of historical reasoning and a deep thought of an activist. The idea that if you give up now then what becomes of those who have been arrested illegally or killed by the junta in Yaounde.

If you give up now, what will you tell Mamie Appie and others who were burnt into ashes just because they were Anglophones. If you give up now then you have told Mr. Biya and his team that the force of darkness is stronger than the force of light.

If you give up now then you have confirmed that what divides us as Southern Cameroonians is stronger than what unites us. The infighting will come and go and we shall remain a people with a common goal having different strategies. We shall stay this course not because we love it so much but because we must take it to the logical end. We shall stay in this course because this generation has produced the best skilled young men and women guided by HOPE, determination, courage, strength, patriotism, dreams of a nation that will honour their efforts as a people united in faith for a common destiny. We shall stay in this course because we did not chose this struggle but this struggle chose us and came at our generation.

We shall stay in this course because we believe in the ability, trust and love for each other to see a free and prosperous Southern Cameroons.
We shall stay this course because we don’t want our younger ones to inherit and unfinished job.

With this in my mind, I call on you to come out on the 5th of January dear compatriots with patriotic spirits to commemorate the abduction of our leaders. Let us come out wherever we are and show the junta that yes we are still united in our resolve. That no matter what, we will stay and stir this cause to it end. That keeping Ayuk Tabe in there is the monumental error of his bid to shut us down.

I have hope that one day the Blue and White flag shall fly over the land in which I was peacefully born and the song, “Hail this land of glory” shall be sung by its rightful children.

God bless Southern Cameroons
God bless you
Achiri Atanga



  1. Mbeuh

    December 21, 2018 at 12:19 PM

    Thank you Achiri Atanga. Just the motivation we need now amid the chaos rocking our endeared revolution. Thanks too to the wives of our incarcerated leaders who wrote a moving piece a few days ago. Let both your advice serve as a watershed and inject new vigor needed to paddle our freedom cause to the finish line – Buea.
    Thank you Ambazonians, thanks for staying the course. Nothing good comes easy. Never again shall we be enslaved. Never again, NEVER!

  2. Mukong

    December 21, 2018 at 3:54 PM

    Talking about loosing hope was when His Exellency Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and some of the members of his cabinet were kidnaped at the Nera hotel and some started peddling talk about their having been killed. In the midst of the prevailing confusion the Etoudi gang of criminals in LRC embarked on a campaign of terror whereby youngmen were being slaughtered and dumped in mass graves. Those that could not escape into the bushes, were brutalized and left to die as a trophy for the hoodlums called Rapid Intervevtio Brigade (BIR). Youngmen witnessed with horror their fathers and mothers being beaten in front of them; their mothers and sisters raped and treated like dirt in front of them.
    In fact the level of cruelty meted out to Ambazonian by the thugs from LRC forced the youngmen to fight back using farm tools. What was thought by the criminals from LRC as a docile people who can never fight back were proven wrong by the “Ambazonian Never Again Generation”.
    Unfortunately for us, greedy individuals in the diaspora decided to currupt these youngmen. Hence we know the problem and the opportunist involved. This time around we must get rid of the evil amongst us. These youngmen and women have sacrificed so much for us to allow demagogues to continue to exploit them. Ambazonia owes us nothing; on the contrary, we owe Ambazonia a lot.
    So Brother Achiri there is absolutely nothing to loose hope about as our very survival is at stake.

    • Coni man die, coni man bury'ee

      December 29, 2018 at 1:53 PM


      you shall die in Maryland, that would be punishment enough for supporting the killing in vain of Anglo youths.

      Wish Pa Ndeh is still on this earth, he would chop off the remnant of your tail.

      Even assuming Amba would ever exist one day, you think the Ikomes and the Ayuks would ever allow you to come and plant your nsah-nsah on oil fields, unnoticed?

      You are allowed to inundate leadership positions today not because you are too wise, note that there is a strategy even within a strategy.

      When the time comes, you will sign those oil contracts only in your dreams, like it happened on the streets London…that was just a small test to have a clear view of your real intents.

      You better invest that your contribution in Irish potatoes and contri nsah-nsah farming…that OIL is too costly to be used to experiment the degree of your LANGA…you shall be kept aloft…we sabi wuna.

      Na for last fight we go know actor!

  3. Prince Ntamzy Drique

    December 21, 2018 at 5:18 PM

    thanks for your Ambazonia intelligence sir.its our hope that our ordained quest for freedom come to pass sooner which is imminent.if voices are joined in your proposal we shall give the 5th that grandeur it deserves.your opinion is welcomed

  4. Mami Fine Mbombo

    December 24, 2018 at 3:28 PM

    Megalomania of unbridled proportions. Crazy Munjingny Beggar Uneducated Conman Con Pastor Sako! Nobody is going with this your CRAZY FATWA.There was never an Ambazonia when the whites came in barely 90 years ago and clothed your naked Bakweris and other bantu tribes.White people invented everything and even invented the nations in Africa.What did you BIG DICK PACKING MOKWE and other LAZY POOR DIRT MONKEY SUB_HUMANS Invent???When you guys cannot do anything for yourself you are now using white man’s technology to create billboards over a PUTATIVE online Republic???You are a bunch of thieves and dictators as evidenced by the SWINDLING of $50,000 that was contributed in DC for your senseless and RECKLESS dane gun NYONGO NYONGO NYONGO in which you send gullible innocent boys to their deaths and remain abroad on welfare or soliciting donations and forming FAKE churches and seeking tithes while sponsoring death squads in Cameroon.There is and there will never be anything like AMBAZONIA coined by the diminutive pastor of the Olumba OlUMba OBUH Brotherhood of the MOON and STAR Church of Calabar where you lived and trained in frustration and sneaked into America. As pure USURPERS, you now call yourself PHD or academic Dr. of the WORD of SATAN!!!You shall die in frustration for nobody is yet to recognize that folly coined Dinka!You hijacked a strike in which the government caved to the demands of English speaking Cameroonians and appointed yourselves INTERIm government, Interim chairman, interim ,looter, interim PETROLEUM deal a la NTikang CHO AYABA interim shit, interim defense minister, interim communications chief a la BANWA TSE TSDE FLY cum Baboon fake pastor conman Chris Anu! Did your Bakweri ancestors cede their vast and rich soils to the white man who created CDC with the following phrases :CUTTAM GO??After you rebelled and GRAFFIS were brought to work on the plantations, did you sell them land for bales of MUKANJO (stock fish)?? Did the Graffis thank God for being on the “KUS” wwhere they saw “MUTU” cars withfor the first time as some called it MUNGWIN(locust)???Did all of you low IQ`NIGGERS like you and I ever sell other blacks into slavery for trinkets, RUM and GIN, and gun powder???Do you in your WARPED mind think you can create and Anglo Saxon republic when you are not Anglo Saxon? Why is the Commonwealth or England turning a deaf and snobbish ear to this your AMBAZONIA?While you lived in trees and the bushes and walked naked foraging the environment for food, WHITES brought their civilization and showed you a part of it.Today it is AMbazonia this ,Struggle (as PUNKS from America and behind computer keyboards) while innocent people are sent to their deaths .Ewelle LEPROSY Julius TABE is not and has never been a leader.He is not accredited by anybody and never will.How come he only became interim leader last year??Can you guys provide for the millions of innocents people in the North West and South west whose lives and livelihood you have disrupted from your computer keyboards and sites created by the white man with your CHAOS,CHILD MOLESTATION and SCHOOL BOYCOTTS,Kidnappings for RANSOM,Broad daylight HIJACKINGS and ARMED Robberies, Rapes by bush commanders and ROGUES Called AMBA BOYS,ECONOMIC GENOCIDE in Ghost Towns, FUCKING in the BUSH,Sleeping in TREES, DRING MAGGOT TUMBU water from streams,Disease etc?can you pay the fees of a single person?yet MAYHEM, PYROMANIA,VANDALISM ,BEHEADINGS are the order of the day.No human in his right sense ever recognized that Baboon called Julius Tabe and none recognizes this your utopian FOLLY of a PUTATIVE republic called AMBAZONIA.You are now fighting amongst yourselves with those from Ekona decamping in droves.You GUYS AINT SEEN SHIT YET. KUDOS to the Cameroon and Nigerian intelligence Services for humiliating you barbarians as they sopped you guys from a hotel room in disgrace.You did not know that you were being monitored being the low IQ strategists and SUB-HUMANS that we are.On January 5th, I shall pop champagnes and EAT Ekwang and even slaughter a cow to thank GOD for divine justice against all those who are rekingling slavery in the form of a PUTATIVE and RECKLESS republic called AMBAZONIA while sacrificing their blood online through SOPHISTICATED NYONG.SHUT THE FUCK UP you Mother FUCKING PUNK ass Hallucinating NIGGER.Poor Smelly Dirty LAZY Baboon!Mola Keka!Na Mo Lingi BAStard!!piece of shit!

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