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Sabotage: Water Damage Camair-Co Plane



Information reaching BaretaNews suggests that Camair-Co Boeing 767-300 (The Dja), which returned to the country in July after six months of inactivity may NEVER fly again.

Reports say heavy rains which swam the city of Douala on the night of Friday 12th of August 2016 has seriously damaged the Boeing., a sister online news platform reports that Camair-Co staff were shocked when news reached them that the aircraft cockpit of the Dja was completely destroyed by rainwater which entered through a glass (window) that was left open during the night of the heavy in Douala. They also cried foul play over why the glass of the aircraft was not locked.

Speaking to an aviation expert on the phone, She had this to say “This is a serious incident because all the electronics of a plane are found in the cockpit. She insisted this damage will cost billions of FCFA to repair just the cockpit.These recent ordeals worsen the already crisis plaguing the airline company whose debt runs into billions of FCFA.”- Alafnet reported.


BaretaNews recalls that since its creation on the 11th of September 2006 by a Presidential decree as a company aimed at replacing the defunct Cameroon Airlines, Camair-co has received state subsidies to about 200 billions FCFA with nothing to show.

Alafnet believes that within Camair-co , there is a strong believe that the incident is a sabotaged by the General manager to be able to lease a new aircraft through his AJW leasing company for the Hadj pilgrimage, which, according to Alafnet’s source, the Boeing had been programmed to carry passengers for the Hajj flights within days. This, therefore, opens the means for a rental airplane by the hierarchy of the state-owned airline company.

BaretaNews notes the problem of the airline company is yet from over. Something is wrong somewhere.

God is still saying something.

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