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Southern Cameroons Sever 11th February, Begins State Restoration Process



For the first time in history since our parents voted in good faith on 11th February 1961 to join an independent country called La Republique du Cameroun based on some terms which were never materialized as BaretaNews writes, the people of former British Southern Cameroons have succeeded today February 11th 2017, 56 years after in completely puncturing the 11th February plebiscite day. History will record this generation as those who sever the links with 11th February. It is important to feel good that our parents gone before us marked with the sign of faith shall be happy with us.

Reports from Southern Cameroons say from the Northern to the Southern zones in Southern Cameroons, all communities and cities were dead. No activity were taking place. Our people stayed indoors. There was no celebration of whatsoever.

However, La Republique Du Cameroun still managed to stage-manage a show in Bamenda and Buea though very timidly with very few minutes of action. We are told that we could only see floods of military parading the empty streets of Southern Cameroons as no one could be seen. Colonial administrators and some southern Cameroons slaves elites are said to have hired some francophones who march past in few areas such as Bamenda and Buea so as to sabotage the peoples struggle. BaretaNews can confirmed all Southern Cameroonians stayed home.

The civil resistance is real. Meanwhile, in Pamol Plantation in Lobe, our correspondence says three vehicles stationed in front of the mill to transport workers stayed there empty. All workers were home and none went ahead.

Reports from Akwaya says the Akwaya grandstand was been burnt down because the Divisional Officer (DO) paid some illiterates who attempted to march but it failed. While BaretaNews condemns the actions of the DO for provoking the people, we also call on our people everywhere to not destroy our institutions and infrastructures. We need these buildings. Our people should please show maximum restraint.

Also, it should be noted that Buea did not betray the struggle as some reports claimed. They are with us 200 percent. Whatever images came out from Buea grandstand were all hired francophones from Douala and Police Mutengene college who were paid to march. Most could be seen with bare head (korobo in pidgin English) marching as University of Buea Students. Buea stood tall and they have been observing the ghost towns. The same scenario was true in any other areas images might have been displaced over crooked crtv. In Bamenda, the governor brought in hired pupils from his village and in neighbouring Baffousam to march. Southern Cameroonians boycotted and destroyed 11th February once and for all.

It should be recalled that this call to boycott the 11th February was made by the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium whose leaders most of which are presently under detention since January 17th in La Republique jails. The interim leaders Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo galvanised and rally the entire people of Southern Cameroons in achieving this objective.

In other related news, BaretaNews correspondence in Bali writes “.There is a complete failure in Bali. 21 persons were on the grandstand: We had no Fon, no Deputy Mayor, no Priest, no sound system. The D.O left the grandstand 15 minutes after the shabby ceremony.It becomes interesting as over 1000 youths invaded the ceremonial ground singing liberation songs.THEY SUCCEEDED TO HOIST the Southern Cameroons flag on the grandstand. As we write there is a total confrontation between gendarmes and the youths. There are gunshots and tear gas. No injury reported yet. Few have been arrested…”

Our correspondence also added some updates to the Ndop scenario which has led to two dead and scores of Ndop denizens being arrested. He wrote “..Some unknown persons have abducted children and wives of military personnel and have taken them to unknown destinations. They have been sending messages to thé authorities saying; give our people and we give yours. Also, our correspondence says the Fon whereabout is still not known. Meanwhile, he has been given 48 hours to make a statement or be dethroned…”

We of BaretaNews would want to categorically condemn such acts. Though we understand the anger of the people; children, wives, and relatives of persons should never be abducted or made to suffer. We think there are ways to go about asking for the release of our people without doing what we accused our oppressors of doing. We hope the Ndop people acts swiftly in releasing these vulnerable children and wives. We also call on the government to release the people of Ndop to de-escalate the tensions

We know that the people of Southern Cameroons after observing a complete boycott of 11th February 2017 are expecting a complete change of strategy towards the ultimate goal of statehood restoration.

Stay tuned for updates.

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