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It is no news to those in the revolutionary front that the colonialist President of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), Paul Biya, is planning an uninvited visit to the Northern Zone of AMBAZONIA, as part of his cosmetic measures to kill the revolutionary momentum in the homeland. Preparations are already in motion and economic activities and a good number of schools especially in the cities are gradually throwing away the ghost towns and schools boycott revolutionary weapons, resulting from the repressive measures of colonial administrators, and the increasing discouraging disunity among AMBAZONIANS being displayed on Social Media.

Consequently, while Federation propagators in the homeland are busy building a new coalition to pose as Ambazonia interlocutors for the camouflaged dialogue with the colonial President; hard core Restorationist AMBAZONIANS have spent almost the whole week playing revolutionary politics online. While some leaders of different groups have been busy throwing tantrums at each other over who is qualified to lead the revolution or not, their different followers, enthusiasts and proxies have not relented in defending their bosses or principals, and sabotaging the efforts of their perceived opponents. It has therefore been a week of accusations and counter accusations among brothers and sisters from the same mother, AMBAZONIA, on a revolutionary journey to the same destination called BUEA.

BaretaNews, a strong voice and moderator in this revolutionary voyage, strongly thinks that it is time this nonsense comes to an end and everyone must focused on the revolutionary agenda – to completely FREE AMBALAND. To achieve this, all self-defense groups must build a platform of unity in purpose in which they shall work collaboratively in mutual trust and respect for each other to heavily hurt the occupier, create a security risk zone in Ambazonia, thereby disrupting the aimless visit of the tyrant. Yes, the people support the Interim Government, but it doesn’t mean they are against self-defense. The people are simply against fictionalized self-defense actions that put the ground masses in danger and even more dangerous for a future completely restored Ambazonia. The recent downing of intruding colonial forces in the Southern Zone of Ambazonia, in which the ADF, DoD and SOCADEF are all claiming responsibility on different Social Media platforms is the more reason while they must come together in a collaborative platform.

BaretaNews is projecting that AMBALANDERS are ready to massively fund self-defense actions immediately they see a unity of purpose displayed by all self-defense forces. There is need to complement each other and get the freedom fire burning. At least, it will be a sign to the world that Ambazonia is mature for freedom. Unity of purpose is already being displayed in the homeland between the Northern and Southern Zones. While the Northern Zone has maintained the civil disobedience resistance, the Southern zone which is gradually giving up due to colonial administrative repression, has decided to supplement the resistance of the North with military actions.

Ambazonians have all come to the realisation that, at this juncture, the argument of force must complement the force of argument, if the international community must take them seriously. The colonial regime cannot continue with the genocide, brutality, extortion and mayhem, while the people clap their hands or look on in helplessness. Wherein lies the RIGHT TO SELF-DEFENCE, It is time for ALL historic and new generation leaders of the revolution, especially those of self-defense forces, to as a matter of urgency and patriotism, burry the hatchets, take away the anger and past hatred, throw away ego, put AMBAZONIA FIRST, and come together to defend the homeland.

If sincerely they have been into this revolution for months, a year and decades, with the sole aim of freeing the people from this 56 years of servitude, then it is time for them to MAKE THE PEOPLE EXALT THEM, rather than THE TRYING TO EXALT THEMSELVES. They must all remember that they will need the people more when the revolutionary train arrive BUEA; and it is their revolutionary conduct at this point in time that would determined the support and recognition they’ll get from the masses at the end.

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