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Tapang wades into UN debate: The UN cannot interfere on Federalism. Neither can they interfere with independence.



The UN cannot interfere on Federalism. Neither can they interfere with independence.

I have read a headline on the Post Newspaper that has sparked much social media debate with regards to this winning struggle. Do not think or be deceived that the UN came to Cameroon to grant a two-state federal system of government. Neither will they come to grant independence if you dream so. For simple intellectual reasons, here are the logical claims:

1. The struggle in Cameroon is completely a domestic affair. Under state sovereign laws, states are mutually protected to respect their rights of sovereignty and non-interference in their domestic affairs. Even international regimes like the UN cannot interfere as long as this is a domestic affair. For an explanation of a domestic affair, read point two.

2. Domestic affairs require a domestic policy as treatment. They are administrative decisions that are directly related to all issues and activity within a nation’s borders. Because the UN recognizes that a state is sovereign, they can only assist states with advisory missions or intervene on gross human rights violations grounds or during conflict escalation. Remember that the UN itself is also biased and selects its fights, citing several studies.

3. The current situation in Cameroon is a crisis and not a conflict. The Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP) and Correlates of War (COW) are widely used databases to analyze conflicts. While the UPPSALA codes a conflict from 25 battle deaths and above, COW codes from 1000 battle deaths and above. Hence, considering that we have recorded only fewer than 10 known battle deaths, we are still in a crisis and not in a conflict.

3. We have to seize our destinies and not wait for any international regime or domestic regime to “give us” or “grant us” our request. No! That will not happen. Through domestic pressure and international pressure, we can only enforce the domestic leadership to comply with international agreements that safeguard and promote civil rights and political liberties. These rights include all the actions taken by the UN Secretary-General for Central Africa during his Cameroon visit.

4. We must keep the pressure on ghost towns, boycotts, and civil “strong head.” These are all federalist strategies that create a broader avenue for independence seekers. A federalist believes that domestic pressure through soft power is the most effective way to push for meaningful dialogue for equal status. An independence fighter has only one strategy – take up arms and fight straight up. Do we have the arms? How many are willing to go back and lead the arms struggle when everyone is instead fleeing from home?

5. Since day one, we have been saying this is a winning struggle and not an arms struggle. Arms struggle will grant you direct independence. A non-violent struggle will grant you indirect independence. When you are ready for a war, make sure you must win it. If not, you will regret even worst than you ever thought. “No go shake honey wey you no wear helmet.”

6. As for federalists, there is every sign and hope that we have won fatly. We have held down the country for the past six months. We have pressured the international regimes to come to our aid. We have pressured for dialogues between the gangster regime and the two UN missions in Cameroon only this year. Without nothing, we have achieved something and our history will never be the same again. Paul Biya fears federalists most.

7. The federalists have cleared the path for independence fighters to supply the weapons and lead the fight on the ground themselves. But since months ago, ground forces have been waiting for a single gun to shoot back at the Boko gendarmes and police Haram, all to no avail. They are already getting tired and schools are gradually resuming while we debate and fight each other on social media. Should they keep waiting for you? Down in Cameroon, a two-state federal system of equal status is better than promises of “we will,” “I will,” etc. Delay is dangerous.

8. The federalists are now pushing for the recall of ALL MPs and have also given a final dateline for ALL DOs and SDOs to go silent. These are domestic pressures to force the regime to its knees. They will work because our threats are capable and credible. We master the ground game. It is not the UN to tell us what to do. We are simply doing what we are doing.

Be patient. Be hopeful. You are on the winning side. Stay strong and be prayerful. No one ever said tomorrow will be federalism or independence.

*** I am only a freethinker and a solution-oriented critic.

General Ivo

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