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Joint statement by Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo Tanku

Your support has meant the world to #AnglophoneFreedom2017.

Remember when we were at nothing before now, and the Crooked CRTV and ruining CPDM said we could never win Buea. They lied that the social media was weak. They lied that we could not rally people to speak out our solution on dialogue. Now, Buea is the reason we stand here today strong and powerful. Thank you, Buea. You are our heroes and heroines.

And today we have the opportunity to prove the ruining CPDM regime and Crooked CRTV wrong once again. Today is our chance to write the greatest Anglophone comeback story in the history of former British Southern Cameroons politics. We must seize our destiny by dialogue and tact.

1. BOYCOTT the dubious rally in Buea and Bamenda organized by ruining CPDM. Stay at home. Do not go outside. Do not share any image of their rally on social media. Ignore it. Unconfirmed sources say that they want to shoot innocent Anglophones who join them. Please, this is for your safety.

2. Social media is the weapon. Ruining CPDM has bribed hundreds of citizens with stolen state funds. They have promised to fire us from our jobs if we do not join them in their dubious rally in Buea and Bamenda tomorrow. The want to protest and deny that you and I are not marginalized and that we occupy all top positions in the regime. They are lying and we must sabotage them.

3. Close down all shops today. Stay indoors. Do not step outside. It is time to relax and enjoy after the BIGGEST peaceful rally we organized in Buea yesterday. Go back home and rest and let us meet online to discuss and celebrate the victory.

4. Already, our close sources say the regime is already discussing on terms to hold a dialogue with ALL parties on Federalism. So, we are winning BIGLY and we must continue to put the pressure for all two options — Federalism or Secession for dialogue.

5. Share our posts. Copy and paste on Whatsapp. Call a family and friend and tell them. Be very peaceful. We do not advocate for violence. We want you to be alive to see how we won with simple strategic techniques. Dialogue is the only solution and nothing else. Do not fight back. #STAYATHOME.

This is your LAST CHANCE to step up and officially put your name down as someone who made a contribution to #AnglophoneFreedom2017

*** Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo Tanku are citizen journalists.

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