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CRTV Njie Mbonde Cries Out Loud- Politicians Tell Etoudi The Truth




I continue to ponder over politicians crisscrossing the SW and NW regions of Cameroon. Whatever your stand in this political divide,failed politics has brought us here.Both came with an old recipe to a people’s new demands.Good opportunity Ni John couldn’t miss to present his old dish of Federalism.Musonge and Yang dished out their old medley of fishery school in Limbe,Buea Kumba road,Bamenda university,ring road on course etc…failing to understand that no one eats the same food every day without complaining.

Fru Ndi must have gone beating his chest to have had an impressive crowd in Molyko.What he has failed to do for over a decade. Yet I fear he won’t remember that we got here partly because of a failed opposition,and people anger that is in control now,and not Mr chairman.but I fear because these people never learn.
What about the people???

Some carried banners of independence when Fru Ndi was talking about federalism.Not even lawyers and teachers have separation on their agenda.Do these people know that somewhere,somehow along the line,we shall have to live together???But I fear because we often never learn.Does who keep dishing out lousy banknotes have neva learned that u can fool some people sometimes,but u can fool all the people have the time.

Njie Mbonde, CRTV Journalist

Njie Mbonde, CRTV Journalist

The politicians’ Vs the people.God is watching.For failing to give them dreams,they won’t allow you to sleep.Crisscrossing Bamenda and Buea for rallies ain’t the answer,rush to Etoudi and tell him what u have seen and heard,tell him that the anger is beyond compare,Do the right,Give the people reason to dream,and you will have reason to sleep.

For once; Will they learn???
God bless Cameroon

Njie Mbonde


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