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Prof Anyangwe Slams IG For Derailng Ambazonians’ Vision



Prof Anyangwe Slams IG For Derailng Ambazonians’ Vision

By Mbah Godlove

Renowned Ambazonian activist, Professor Carlson Anyangwe says leaders of the Ambazonian Interim Government, IG, have indulged into activities that rather preclude than promote the Ambazonian vision, stressing that, they only care about their personal interests.

In a write-up titled “REFLECTION”, making rounds on social media, the learned Carlson Anyangwe unequivocally intimated that the IG is one of the worst things that ever happened to the revolution.

“The leadership has fractured Ambazonians in the Diaspora and on GZ [Ground Zero], putting them on each other’s throat,” he bitterly revealed.

The academic accused the Sako-led IG of extravagant lifestyle at the expense of the independence struggle, as well as poor conduct and nonrespect of the role of democracy.

To him, the very essence of putting in place an Interim Government had four main reasons which did not focus on implanting a structure with full executive powers, but a short-term body legitimise the struggle.

“The idea was to create a directive instrument responsible for: (i) prosecuting the national liberation struggle, (ii) internationalisation and education in regarding the quest for freedom, (iii) responding to the mounting humanitarian crisis, and (iv) crafting a vision for independent Ambazonia in all areas of national life,” he recounted.

Far from the original motive behind it’s creation, the celebrated Ambazonian intellectual called for the complete overhaul of IG, stating that it’s focus was money and not the struggle.

“It has not conceived or rolled out struggle strategy and a vision for independent Ambazonia,” he further decried.

The University Don condemned those he called opportunists who now side with the failed IG, despite having castigated its leadership for being void of the people’s support.

He furthered: “Comrade Boh, for example, has for long attacked the IG on grounds that its head was not elected by the people by universal suffrage through the internet. He vowed never to recognise the IG. Now, he finds it opportunistically convenient to pledge ‘support'”.

Professor Anyangwe in his reflection entreated Ambazonians of all walks of life to rally, and like one people, map out new strategies that would bring forth the longly awaited independence of Ambazonia.

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