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Ayah Paul Indicts Three French Cameroun Personalities For Deteriorating Health



Ayah Goes Ballistic, Dish Off Political Correctness

Ayah Paul Indicts Three French Cameroun Personalities For Deteriorating Health

By Mbah Godlove

Renowned legal personality, Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine has accused three French Cameroun figures of being responsible for his deteriorating ill health.

The outspoken legal mind in an article circulating on social media intimated that should he die any soon, the colonial Prime Minister of La Repulique du Cameroun, Dr. Dion Ngute, slave Interior Minister, Paul Atanga Nji, and Biya enabler, Dr. Success Nkongho should be held accountable.

The erstwhile Supreme Court Judge and politician intimated that the trio plotted a coup that saw the blocking of his BICEC bank account over two months ago.

According to the disgruntled Abine, the freezing of his account has had a devastating consequence on his ill-health.

“I am unable to buy vitally necessary drugs to keep me alive,” he decried.

Ayah Paul Abine has been a strong critic of the colonial regime of French Cameroun, and an advocate of the Ambazonian struggle for independence.

Bellow is the complete statement of Justice Ayah Paul Abine:

I, Ayah Paul Abine,
A retired Supreme Court judge
Former candidate at the 2011 Presidential Election
Former National President of People’s Action Party
Former National President of Popular Action Party
Do solemnly declare as follows:

1 That I was abducted by a six-man armed government’s killer squad from my residence in Yaounde on January 21, 2017. During my 223-day captivity in a solitary cell, I developed a cardiac condition that warrants my taking, at least, eight (8) drugs a day to sustain my life.

2 That the said government has blocked or procured the blocking of my bank accounts with BICEC, Buea, for upwards of two months now.

3 That, deprived of access to my accounts, my health has deteriorated steadily for the last four weeks running as I am unable to buy vitally necessary drugs to keep me alive.

4 That my scores of dependents at home and in the St Valentine Centre, (orphanage), risk dying as we live in the war zone where we cannot even fall back on a garden.

5 that the following THREE Anglophone personalities are responsible for my eventual death, and the eventual death of my dependent, and do have to account accordingly:

As the head of government that, from every indication, has plotted and does plot to kill me and, consequently, all my dependents; or has connived at such heinous crimes against humanity.

As the Permanent Secretary of the National Security Council. It may be instructive to know that it was the National Security that had my accounts blocked for no apparent reason, and without a court order.

Said to be a pastor, the government has used, and is using him to forge a make-believe case against me. The very man that, ADMITTEDLY, killed soldiers and dismembered them – cutting off their heads, at times.
The very man that, ADMITTEDLY, burnt down schools; and kidnapped school children for ransom.
The very man that, ADMITTEDLY, had burnt to death in their homes and in their sleep innocent Ambazonian civilians.
The very man that had, ADMITTEDLY, kidnapped civilians for ransom…


As for me, I can die any time soon from cardiac arrest, prepared for me by those three Anglophone personalities in the Government of Cameroun.

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