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Biya’s Ambazonia Reconstruction Plan Is A Waste Of Time



Biya’s Ambazonia Reconstruction Plan Is A Waste Of Time

By Mbah Godlove.

Ambazonian Front-line activist, Mark Bareta has lampooned a recent move taken by the colonial republic of French Cameroun to rebuild Ambazonia amidst the worsening armed conflict.

According to the plan, over 89 billion Frans is being raised to reconstruct the country which has been hit by a deadly conflict waged by dictator Paul Biya nearly four years ago.

The said plan which Mark Bareta says is destined to crash even before the implementation phase, will see La Republique du cameroun contribute only 10 percent of the finance while the United Nations Development Program, UNDP and other partners are expected to raise the remaining funds.

The fire brand Mark Bareta, on Friday May 8 discribed the move as a mere waste of time and resources.

“I feel this so called reconstruction is bound to die a natural death. How can there be rebuilding when no concrete steps have been taken to silent the guns,” he questioned.

To him, Ambazonians know what they want and no deceit can preclude their dream.

Hear him;
“We have a map road which French Cameroun cannot reverse. We were once victims of their deceit and now, nothing can stop our independence,” he said.

Weeks back, the colonial Prime Minister of the regime of occupation, Joseph Dion Ngute appointed Enablers, Paul Tasong and Njong Donartus to head the window dressing reconstruction committee whose mandate, the PM said was to carry out projects that would rehabilitate Ambazonia which has remained a war theatre since 2016.

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