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Governor Okalia Bilai is about to test his colonial master’s instinct once more. By getting DOs to compel Principals to work against their consciences is just what he has been kept to do in the SWR. This is a man who detained an architect for refusing to approve an uncompleted project at a government work site because he wanted to feed fat on the money destined for the rest of the project.

This same governor gave orders and won the contract to remove the pavement which used to divide the main drive in Buea. The cost of the contract -1,000,000,000(1bn) Frs. Thanks to this occultic man, so many men, women and children have lost their lives in accidents on that main drive. Their blood is used to refresh the demonic alter responsible for extending his stay as governor even as he is on retirement.

Okalia owns hectares of land in the SWR, most of these lands are lands the CDC returned to communities. In a typical greedy fashion, he intimidated the chiefs and expropriated large parcels for himself under his childrens’ names and other persons close to him. This man is really on his farm here in our region. He caused the Chief Of Service of Administrative Police, what is called Police des Police, to be suspended indefinitely. This is because she wrote a report to the hierarchy about the too many land scandals involving the DO and Governor, not knowing that it was a racket. This Bakweri lady commissioner was so frustrated by the injustice she was seeing that she had to resign from the police.

Francophone govt officials have impunity, and they have seen where to display it. When anglophone governors go on retirement, they are sent home the next day, but not those Francophones who rig elections and steal land for their cohorts in Yaounde. Probably he has seen the blood shed in other anglophone towns and thinks that he can also cause some to flow in Buea. The bloodthirsty monster is wholly wrong!!

Parents, teachers and students be not fooled. It is thieves like this who have plundered and robbed this region who want to continue keeping us in bondage. Any principal who victimizes a teacher will not be excused. Anglophones must not continue to cry. If it is because Okalia’s children are in PCHS, he can transfer them across the Mungo. After all, the money he has stolen from the SWR is enough to keep his next two generations comfortable, even if they don’t go to school. He has two Prado jeeps, one as Governor, and the other as chairman of Pamol totaling 116 million frs, while anglophones in Pamol are paid peanuts.

This strike is for the Anglophone Nation, its children yet to be born and for those whose dreams of a good life were shattered by the non-implementation of the Foumban Accord. So many people live in misery, joblessness, shame, rejection and frustration because of this policy of marginalization. Until a return to the 2 state Federation, our children will not school in that fraudulent system anymore, neither shall we teach in it. Nobody should listen to that mentally deranged governor.

Mbua P. W.
I approve this message.

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