Abdul Karim To Be Devoured By French Cameroun Government

Abdul Karim To Be Devoured By LRC Government

By Mbah Godlove

The arrested Muslim scholar, Abdul Karim Ali has been charged with many counts among which is Secession, BaretaNews has learned.

Earlier on Tuesday, October 1, defending lawyers of the Ambazonian activist, in a statement, said, secession and complicity to terrorism are charges Abdul Karim would be answering before the Yaounde military tribunal.

Barrister Ndong Christopher revealed that his client’s main ordeal came as a result of his visit to Switzerland where he had talks with Swiss authorities to broker a peace deal between Ambazonia and La Republique du Cameroun, which will see the statehood of Ambazonia restored.

While in Switzerland, Abdul Karim reportedly took photos with other diasporan leaders such as Boh Herbert, Ebenezer Akwanga and Sako Samuel.

“We had earlier filed a habeas corpus application before the Mfoundi High Court to secure his immediate release from SED,” the legal mind added.

On Thursday, September 26, 2019, news brook out that the family of Abdul Karim was unaware of his whereabouts.

BaretaNews has been informed that he was adopted by la Republique du Cameroun’s (LRC) promiscuous killer forces, from their Embassy in Yaounde, while he was whisked away in a car to SED, a deadly prison from which a car of Ambazonian corpses was conveyed from, before later being buried in a neighborhood of the town.

The Ambazonian based activist told his lawyers that after his arrival back home, as charged by the Swiss authorities who had invited him, he had to report to the Swiss Ambassador in Yaounde.

After being taken to SED, his adoptors interrogated him about his trip to Switzerland under intense inhumane treatments.

It is unclear whether his present predicament is only moved by his peace mission to Switzerland, but like always, Karim has been outspoken. In his recent TV interview, he challenged the regime of octogenarian President Biya stating that “all will end on a negotiated settlement between La Republique Du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons and not dialogue.”

The regime is currently holding him hostage while a so-called dialogue is ongoing in LRC among CPDM militants and some fabricated forces of Atanga Nji.



  1. Mbeuh

    October 2, 2019 at 1:59 AM

    Everyday this regime shoots itself in the foot. In typical dictatorial fashion seen and repeated over and over, Yaounde tolerates no dissenting opinion that tarnishes its image. It was a simple request back in 2016 and and later a peaceful protest by lawyers and teachers that the government mishandled (arresting and locking up any and everyone who raised an eyebrow) that morphed into and radicalized the populace into demanding the restoration of Southern Cameroon Statehood. Three years on, the regime is on record as tacitly avoiding any discussion on the root cause of this crisis, hoping it’ll go away. IT WILL NOT.

    When this charade of a dialogue, some call it a monologue others a Biyalogue, ends with nothing accomplished and the dictator becomes expendable, his public onlookers/behind-the-scene western backers will urge, in fact, demand a roundtable brokered NEGOTIATION on a peaceful separation of the two illegally merged countries as was the case and on record at the U.N. back in 1961. GODSPEED.

  2. Sil

    October 2, 2019 at 1:02 PM

    Some of us have come to rely on this platform for relevant updates on the current state of our quest for independence. However, it is a shame that some of the write-ups seemed rushed.It doesn’t take much editing to realise that the words “adopted” and “adoptors” have no place in this article. Our brother was Abducted by Abductors, which mean he was kidnapped or taken illegally.

    • Sunshine

      October 2, 2019 at 9:02 PM

      biya is eating his own vomit now.

      Greetings everyone. At this moment, let’s not worry about spellings. What really matters is to be understood. It’s so good everyone is making an effort.

      French Cameroun shall NEVER accept a Two State Federation which means sharing power, resources, and giving voice to the down trodden in Ambazonia. After controlling oil money for all these years, biya cannot let go. biya lives in this ivory tower which is collapsing at the base.

      Biya messed up big time by declaring a war which he thought he will win in two weeks. In shame and frustration, he is asking ex-convicts to testify as Amba Boys to deceive the international community. His biyalogue has already failed and he must succumb to his own vomit.


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