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How CPDM MPs From Southern Cameroons Failed To Inscribe Names In History Books








Southern Cameroonians serving as Members of Parliament (MPs) from especially the Cameroun People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) in the legislature of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), have once again failed to gazette their names in the annals of history. Amid abnegation from the MPs to heed to the manifold subpoenas from descending voices for them to quit LRC parliament, the so-called representatives of the people failed to stage at least a walk out at the parliament, to resonate the cry of the people.

There’s no gain saying that the people of Southern Cameroons have vomited all those having ties with LRC. Several calls have been made for them to resign and join the people in the course so the state can build a good case against their illegal occupiers in international body. Fortunately or unfortunately, some in a hiding or in the open, have succumbed to the people’s call and resigned, while a chunk till jealous of the milk from the breast of the oppressor, keep on playing games with the people.

Member so the CPDM party in constituencies around counties in Southern Cameroons, continue to play the cat and mice games with the people. Amid several calls, the MPs are unmoved by the situation of their people. However, the MPs could have shown the world at least for a second that they have human feelings, summon courage and stage a walk out of LRC parliament so the velocity to put a put a pacific earn to this crisis could be accelerated.

If only CPDM MPs From SC walked out

A lot would have been gained if the MPs staged a walk out of parliament. Firstly, the other MPs of LRC would have reflected on the gravity of the situation. They would have ensured that the government of Cameroun produces a roadmap for an inclusive and pacific dialogue so as to end the stalemate in Southern Cameroons. Secondly, the government of Cameroun would have panicked to see the representatives of the people stage a walk out. That would have absolutely mounted significant amount of pressure for LRC to embark on stringent measures to resolving the crisis. Thirdly, the signal from the walk out would have been re-echoed in the spines of the international community to see that things are still very bad in the two zones of Southern Cameroons. LRC keeps sending hoax information to the world that all is well in Southern Cameroons, and that the government of Cameroun is progressively solving the problem. Of course, which is a FAT lie. Things seem to be deteriorating day after day.

Over and above, should the MPs had walked out of the opening session of LRC parliament, history would have never forgotten them. These MPs would have seized the opportunity to take a ride in this moving train of history making events. We all know nemesis will follow them to their graves, nonetheless, they would have cleansed themselves with a walk out. Unfortunately, they lost it all.

CPDM should be outlawed in SC by any practical means thereof, including the use of force; because it’s through this evil and corrupt political party, that the evil regime of LRC is able to channel and enforce its policies and illegal activities in SC. If SC hates LRC, there’s no reason to continue to keep and nature the political party of the evil and enemy regime of Mr. Biya. If the Biya regime and governance is so hated and no longer wanted in SC, then the CPDM party should be outlawed and cease to exist in all Anglophone territory.

La Republique du Cameroun does not have much leverage on the merits of this political crises as a matter of fact, and they know it; except military threats and current illegal occupation of Southern Cameroon as has always been. This unholy alliance and illegal occupation of SC by LRC can suddenly come to an end once the MPs resign from that foreign parliament.

In the current struggle, the lingering question has always been, what are Anglophone lawmakers or MPs still doing in the LRC House of Parliament? They had their own House of Parliament and House of Chiefs. They abandoned it many years ago and joined LRC House of Parliament. If they want to leave, they are free to do so without further permission or any dialogue with Biya. The troubling situation is that, SC MPs have already been assimilated and consumed by the rotten culture of corruption in LRC; greed and politics of the stomach, which presents a serious roadblock to a smooth and successful transition towards the consolidation of SC statehood.

By Lucas Muma,
Political Analyst – BaretaNews

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