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Of ADF and Chris Anu: He is Wrong and Must Be Tamed



Of ADF and Chris Anu: He is Wrong and Must Be Tamed

I believe it’s crucial to acknowledge that without the Ambazonia Forces, there would be no revolution. Their contribution is significant as they confront Cameroonian Forces on the ground. However, war is multifaceted, requiring finances, communication, diplomacy, and, of course, the support of the people for whom you are fighting. We can see this in current conflicts like those between Russia and Ukraine, as well as Israel and Palestine. Without the people’s support, there is no intelligence, no sustenance, and no protection. The community serves as our first line of defense.

As I always emphasize, what the Ambazonia Forces endure and sacrifice on the ground is something most of us in the diaspora would not endure if placed in their shoes. Therefore, we must be cautious about our statements.

While I have not listened to or watched all of Chris Anu’s video and audio recordings, calling for the killing of ADF fighters is unequivocally wrong. Calling for the elimination of any fighting group is unjustifiable. Yes, our Forces are not without fault, and they may sometimes take actions counter to the revolution, but advocating for their demise regardless of the circumstances is unacceptable. Chris Anu’s history of calling for the elimination of ADF fighters, from his time in the Sako group to the present, is not surprising. Some things never change, right? Just a few months ago, Chris called for the elimination of 7kata Forces. What is Chris’s agenda? Is it because he no longer controls any forces in Lebialem and elsewhere in Ambazonia? Is it because his influence has waned? No Ambazonian in the diaspora has the right to plan, advocate for, or participate in the killing of our Forces, no matter the circumstances. Therefore, I condemn Chris Anu’s statements. They must cease.

That being said, as I mentioned earlier, when a community celebrates the death of a fighter, reports our fighters to enemy forces, withholds intelligence from our Forces, or reveals their hideouts to enemy forces, we must recognize that something is amiss. Such a community is not betraying us; they are reacting precisely as they did to Cameroonian Forces when they invaded our land and the people had the opportunity to fight back. Any fighting group operating in such a community must pause, reflect, and change course. This is not a complex issue. Human beings will naturally resist when treated unjustly.

It is our responsibility to continue educating our forces and to reestablish the cooperative relationship they once had with our communities. Cameroon understands that they cannot win the war on the battlefield, which is why they have long resented our communities for shielding our forces. Cameroon and its agents are exploiting the divisions we create within our communities to infiltrate us.

By healing our communities, we will win the war, and the path to Buea will become clear soon.

Mark Bareta
April 20th, 2024.

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