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The Hypocrisy Of La Republique Must Be Exposed- SOBA US Leader



West Cameroonians are speaking out. This is not the time for silence. Mr. Russel Stover as popularly known is the SOBA USA 97 Chairman. He has declared that West Cameroonians must expose the hypocrisy of the government. In a discuss shared with BaretaNews, the SOBA 97 Chairman said the so-called marriage Southern Cameroons entered into force with La Republique was a mere promise and never a reality: Read on..

My fellow Cameroonians happy Sunday. It is with a heavy heart yet light fingers that I do here write.
Day after day we have watched the parallel conduct of our government to undermine the concerns of fellow West Cameroonians take shape. They have once again showed us that the great principles of political freedom and justice embodied in the founding documents upon which we entered this marriage with La Republic was only promised and never to be enforced or shared with us.

We have watched our fellow West Cameroonians brutally beaten, raped, fired upon like hunted animals and even killed. Now they have gone further to embark on an arrest and detain spree of our leaders, to sunder them from their families and the mouths that they seek to represent. What a hideous and revolting government and yet they charge the Consortium leaders with terrorism? Really? Who has the military? Who has the guns? What irony!!

In the midst of this struggle most of our fellow citizens have been deprived of Internet and any access to social media that can get them engaged in the struggle. Yet we who have access to social media have used it in the last few hours to undermine each other? To cast aspersions on each other? To insult each other?

Oh no my fellow Cameroonians, now is not the time for such arguments or distractions. What is a mouse to a man who’s house is on fire? Nothing! Our use of social media in this course should be to gather the masses to a common ground to aim at the common enemy not to denigrate each other.

We have only so much time and energy to engage in this fight. We owe it to ourselves to harness this energy and channel it against the henchmen that have vowed to silence the struggle.

If we can and have the ability to reach the government’s ear with our words – be it of mouth or of pen, we should but pour a fiery steam of biting ridicule, blasting reproach and stern rebuke. For now is not the time for heat but fire. Not just rain but thunder. We need the storm, now more than ever before.

The feelings of West Cameroonians must be quickened, the conscience of all Cameroonians roused, the hypocrisy of the government must be exposed and it’s crimes against its citizens must be denounced.

My fellow Cameroonians. I dare us to put God first in this fight as we engage WITHOUT VIOLENCE but WITH PRESENCE. Our spiritual strength is what will give us the physical strength to break the obstacles we can and the wisdom to go around those we can’t.
Lord hear us!


NB: NB: The views expressed here do not represent the position of Sasse Old Boys Association (SOBA). They remain solely those of the author.

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