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1) SOVEREIGNTY: we’re not yet a recognized sovereign state to expect the Interim Government to just start signing treaties with other nations and enter into equal political partnership on every issue. Until a country recognizes us, move towards this direction or offer similar invitations nothing about our political status may change.

2) INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY: There’s no specific country or person call international community. Countries intervene in conflicts strictly based on their political interest, bilateral and multilateral commitments. There’s no saint or political angel out there that is attracted to the pain of victims and cries of innocence.

3) WEAPONS: There’s no place where ammunitions are given for charity or on the basis of a political promise without a worthy insurance policy/ patronage. Stakeholders and/patrons invest in conflicts out of interest, guarantees, credibility or expectations. Arms deal is the most regulated market with States actors, private contractors & dealers. Sometimes, even when you have the money base on your conflict profile and delivery location you might not breakthrough. The thoughts that one can just go out there and hypothetically pledge natural resources in exchange for arms is not as easy as said.

4) LEADERSHIP: If the responsibility of the Revolution has not fallen on your shoulders for 24hrs you may never know what it takes. The leader is not a superman or all knowing being. His job or responsibility does not depend on one particular quality, even though specially gifted talents may make a difference. Stop judging the leader from what you may think he lacks, but try to reinforce him.

5) TIME: There’s no time frame set for the cause. We must be willing and ready to sacrifice all the way. The length of time endured is not because someone didn’t do his job or lacks what it takes. There’re political forces and principalities beyond the abilities of any one man working in all directions. We can only claim victory for the progress made while evolving from costly mistakes.

6) REALITY: The political reality of the cause forbids countries and international organizations from making just any pronunciation, whether condemning violations of law, in defend of humanity or in support of legitimacy. In politics, declarations and silence depend on who takes such disposition and what the reality suggests.

7) NEGOTIATION & CONTENDERSHIP: Our fighting spirit, methods and resolve must prove or make believe that defeat is impossible or unsustainably costly, surrender is unthinkable, and reconciliation demands the unavoidable recognition of our claims and Identity. This is achieved by the evolution of fighting force and political leadership.

8) UNITY: There’s no messiah out there who has as a precondition for our salvation, the unity of everyone. We have barely survived a political machinery designed to cut us all in small pieces and destroy love amongst ourselves. Our disunity is understandable for anyone who knows what we have endured, but the political process demands continuous harmony and solidarity among the victims.

9) NICETIES & HOSPITALITY: We are at war and, in fact, the victims/underdog. There’s nobody out there watching to reward our compromised behavior. There’s no force or nation out there that will come to our rescue simply because we respect all rules and are indeed the saints of war. So, we have to fight not minding whose ass is destroyed, as long as it’s reasonable and survival demands it.

10) POLITICS: As long as LRC controls the territory in whatever form and dimension, it remains the sovereign politicsl authority that decides what political measures to adopt. So, if LRC retains the sense of sovereignty and territorial control, her only resolution will be by military victory to avoid the political process & outstanding conditions for equal dialogue/negotiations. So, they must win the war if they belief victory is possible and affordable, however costly. This is their only way to preserve their “One Cameroon”. All other routes and avenues for dialogue will cost the political sovereignty of their One Cameroon. However, Paul Biya, has fallen out of political considerations, in the hope & construction process for the future of the Cameroons, meaning he either holds on as a ruthless tyrant or be ready to have a successor forced on him in a bit to salvage the sovereignty of the Cameroons. Whether forced on him, picked up by him forcefully or replacing him as cause of death or coup, he’s destiny marked.

11) CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY: There’s no court or political authority out there that will prosecute Paul Biya for genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes on complaint launched by Southern Cameroonians or any private citizen. The interest of those who would cause such proceedings are either tied to the survival of “One Cameroon” or are against the independence of Southern Cameroons.

12) CONSCIOUSNESS: The call by the U.S for unconditional dialogue is a declaration of political amnesty for Southern Cameroonians leaders and fighters. So, countries will not intervene on the side of LRC or on the pretext of any law to prosecute those directly involved in the war, except for acts committed out side the war zone or crimes confessed to having committed. Fight, fight and fight, but don’t show civilian torture or dead on video nor cause it to be announced. It might be assumed and you might be mentioned for it, but you have to blame the Enemy forces and always trace their connections to it.

Until Freedom Comes, We Stand Together. 
Patriotic Salute Comrades
Comrade Don Wan-Obi.

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  1. bonnie

    February 4, 2019 at 3:56 PM

    Comrade Don Wan-Obi what a precise write up!hope some of those divisive activists noise makers on social media can read you write up, have common sense and stop making a fool of themselves like those Ambazonia doubter on ground zero and the diaspora who shamefully fold their arms and blame individuals, groups and the IG for not slacking and MTTB. War is not cheap,to transport groundnuts from one country to the other is sophisticated,to form unity/ collaboration on social media is very dangerous because the enemy lrc has the tools and mechanism to destroy the unity with money and infiltrates.All Amba self defense Groups should be independent with one Goal ( destroy lrc interest, arm terrorists, make Ambaland ungovernable,gtt rid of colonial administrators, musonge ekema atanga fake thieves on the ground,form collaboration links of operations,support each other, back up and information sharing, deal with all sell out.personally I think all registered Amba fighters on ground zero must be paid a small fixed sum of incentive salary, equally spread across the 13 counties by the IG from either monthly Citizen Levy or be introduce as an option in their drop menu,many of these fighters have families to feed and themselves & this will entice more patriotic Amba voluntees,the IG and diaspora must appreciate these brave people for holding ghost towns and fighting a colonial mentality genocidal regime and a uncaring french Cameroon military

  2. malis

    February 4, 2019 at 9:05 PM

    Alert, Alert, Alert, some so-called leaders of groups in the diaspora have been compromised. They themselves don’t know about it. These same people never learn, the group they claim they own on ground zero has already been infiltrated and hijacked.

    Biya and his criminal cartel are planning to use these people here in the diaspora to make a fake declaration behind their backs.

    A lot of money will flow so as to dirty their image and blackmail them.

    Biya the devil is trying a strategy of ‘encircling and singling out’.

    • Kool Pussy

      February 4, 2019 at 10:51 PM

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