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Take Home Message From President AyukTabe End-of-Year Speech






In his first ever year’s end address to the people of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia since taking the leadership position of the Interim Government, President AyukTabe Julius without mincing words was direct in his message and straight to the point.

-He stressed the need for unity within the movement as manifested in the October 1st independence marches.

-By mentioning the ordeals and by so doing putting a name to all those who’ve been affected throughout the struggle, he showed that their efforts and sacrifices are close to his heart and could not be forgotten.

-Showed appreciation to the Federal Republic of Nigeria, H.E Buhari and the Nigerian at large for providing a safe-haven as they’ve played the incredible host, providing a welcoming environment for not just the Interim Government members but all those who’ve fled their homes while seeking refuge in neighbouring Nigeria.

-Highlighted the efforts made on the international stage to ensure the community of nations in establishing recognition, sovereign, the legitimacy of the Interim Government and independence of Ambazonia.

-Used his speech to make an economic pivot by pointing at human capital, natural resources and maturity. Having the daily challenges of citizens alike he made mention of ongoing discussions with mostly friendly countries across the globe, waiting to step in when ties with Yaounde are intricately severed.

-Deferment in school resumption which was scheduled for January 8th, as streets are heavily militarized and Yaounde’s non-compliance in pulling back troops, unconditional release of Mancho Bibixy and all other detainees, people still being maimed and massacred by soldiers in their brutal crackdown, burning down of schools and homes perpetrated by La Republique’s armed forces.

He seized his platform by sending a direct message to Mr Biya, whose declaration of war has been met with strict resistance. While emphasizing dialogue as the way forward, he sees a referendum as the ultimate means by which the will of the people of Ambazonia could be put to the test.


Neba Benson,

BaretaNews Foreign Correspondent/Analyst



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