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French Cameroun do not have monopoly of violence-PhD Scholar



French Cameroun do not have monopoly of violence.

One of the things proponents of one Cameroon always bring up during debates is how we don’t have the right to constantly propose our legitimate demands to the government of Cameroun purely because they can’t give that to us through genuine dialogue and an atmosphere of peace and we can only get that through a war. They think we must always subject ourselves to fear and accept whatever la Republique du Cameroun dictate to us.

I just want to state the Czechcoslovakia was not divided into Czech Republic and Slovakia through war. Their leaders sat and discussed and decided to split the two countries in peace in what was known then as the velvet revolution. However, if we are going to be forced to settle for second class citizenship purely because one party has arms that they can always use to kill our people, I want to state that this is incorrect. The people of Haiti didn’t accept to remain slaves to France on grounds that they are going to be massacred.

We are not going to remain slaves to La Republique du Cameroun and they should know that they don’t have monopoly of violence. As proven elsewhere in Africa, marginalised groups always find ways to defend themselves in the long run and resistance always lead to victory.

Rexon Nting, PhD


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