Douala and Yaoundé Could Collapse Anytime from Now


Douala and Yaoundé Could Collapse Anytime from Now

As the so-called Presidential elections in La Republique du Cameroun approaches, the political tension is high especially in the French Cameroon’s occupied territory of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia. The declaration by Ambazonian Restoration forces of a zero-election atmosphere in the territory and the brazing up of colonial terrorists’ forces to cause an advanced October 1, 2017 mayhem in the land, has led to the influx of a great number of people from the major Ambazonian cities of Buea, Bamenda and Kumba into the colonial cities of Douala and Yaoundé. Douala and Yaoundé also potential war zones at this point in time.

While a good number of all those moving out are citizens of French Cameroon, some Southern Cameroonians with family members in French Cameroon have also moved to join their family members in the foreign land. An increase in the number of Southern Cameroonians crossing the borders into Nigeria has also been reported in Manyu, Menchum and Donga-Mantung.

The two major destinations of those moving into French Cameroon have been Douala and Yaoundé. But the question remains: How safe are all these people running into these colonial cities?

The are possibilities of a pre or post-election violence in these colonial cities, especially in the colonial capital of Douala, considering the dying regime’s fervent determination to manipulatively outplay every candidate in the so-called elections including opposition strongholds like Douala.

There are also doubts from many political pundits as to whether the colonial 86 years old, dictator Paul Biya, who is a natural candidate for his CPDM party, would be able to survive the tensed electioneering period, especially as he allegedly suffers from many health complications including mental disorder. Does anyone foresee a political implosion in French Cameroun if he happens to succumb to natural law in the course of the electioneering process?

We are in a war atmosphere in the Cameroons and any city can catch the fire at any point in time.

The Ambazonian Interim Government has repeatedly said that there shall be no Cameroon if Ambazonia is not actualized. A group of Southern Cameroons restoration forces have vowed as a pre-emptive measure to carry the war declared by Mr. Biya on Ambazonia into his own territory of French Cameroun, with Douala as the main target to completely bring the colonial economy on its knees. This according to them will relieve the Southern Cameroons territory and people of the genocidal pressure from Biya’s terrorist militia. What will happen to the huge population concentration in Douala if this should happen? Are those moving considering these options?

Thirdly, the massive influx of people into these cities is certainly going to cause mounting pressure on the already poor and scares social facilities in these cities and will possibly lead to shortages. This is coupled with the fact that Ambazonian Restoration forces plan to restrict interurban movement, especially movement across the borders of Southern Cameroons and French Cameroon from the 20th to the 10th October 2017. This means that no food stuffs and other food related supplies from Ambazonia will enter Douala or Yaoundé until after October 10th. Are these cities already having enough supplies to sustain them during this period? Have the people moving been able to consider this?

There is certainly confusion in the air and the man who declared the war is not even available to declare a seize fire and return to the negotiation table. Those running from the war in Ambazonia and moving into big cities in French Cameroon must therefore asked themselves many safety questions before moving. Nowhere is safe. Douala and Yaoundé are even the most dangerous places to go seek refuge and this political point in time.

Paul Biya, believes that it is through the spilling of blood that he will get his way and continuously enslave and subjugate the Southern Cameroons people. But he forgets to learn the simple lesson that everything that has a beginning, has an end. The people have chosen to fight on and live free. It’s a revolution and in a revolution, everyone is ready for the consequences.

But one thing is always certain during such JUSTICE-BASED revolutions. The people shall always emerge victorious against tyranny and dictatorship. Therefore, no one should be surprised if Douala and Yaoundé collapse during this politically tensed period.


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