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Open Letter To Parents- Safe your kids and protect the GCE.



Open Letter To Parents of Children in Mission Schools

Dear Parents,

I am Mark Bareta. I am a born Catholic. I was baptised and confirmed in the Catholic Church though I have grown up to be a common sense liberal christain. As you may have known, I happened to be a fierce believer in the Southern Cameroons restoration statehood.

I attended sasse college for straight seven years where I had my O and A levels. I went then to the University of Buea where I had my Bachelor Honours degree in Microbiology with a minor in Medical Laboratory Technology and for four academic years after my graduation, I taught Biology/Human Biology to Forms 2- 7 students in both our lady of Mount Carmel Girls College Muea and Saint Joseph College Sasse. I am proud to say as a teacher, I took my work judiciously to mould all those under my care. I was very good both in class and out of class. My students in Mount Carmel and Sasse shall confirm to you. The school administration in these schools will affirm. I was an outstandinding teacher and when I left for Europe, I left with flying colours, missed both by my students, my colleagues and school administration.

I am sending this brief of myself to let you know how much I know how education is important to our children. Education is not only what we study in class but in mission schools, we are impacted with what I call “holistic education”. That is the call of the mission schools-to mould the full human being. As such, those of you parents who have decided to send your children to these mission schools in Buea and elsewhere in Southern Cameroons to take this political GCE mean no good to your children. You are doing a disservice to your children. As a teacher, I can confirm that these children have not been sufficiently taught to take these exams. You know it very well as I do. The powers lie with you. You are doing nothing good to your children. The holistic aspect is missing and with the state of affairs within Southern Cameroons, you are putting your children in harms way. You probably saw the video in Victoria (Limbe) where Saker science students were interviewed during practicals and they said they know nothing they were about to write. The same is true everywhere. As a science teacher, I know what it means. I am a concerned teacher and Southern Cameroonian.

You should be aware that none of your kids in Sasse, Bishop Rogan, CKC, Repacol, Mount Carmel and elsewhere will write the GCE in their respective schools. For the first time they will be moved to Lycee Molyko and other specialised centres to write. Who gives them security from school to the hall? As the government promises to provide security in the GCE centres, will they provide as they sleep? As they move from their schools to the centres? Why allow your children take an exam they have not studied?

Already, we are told the leadership of Catholic Diocese Buea has asked parents to sign undertaking that whatever happens to their children during this fake GCE period, the church will not be responsible. Some parents have already withdrawn their kids back home. Take yours now.

This is not the type of degree or education we want for our kids. A useless diploma. I am sending this appeal to request you to safe your children from this shame, protect the integrity of the Anglo Saxon Education and pulled your kids home. Use this weekend and pull them home. This is not the type of education we want for our kids. Yes, we have collectively sacrifice this year and trust me, Southern Cameroons will never be the same again. We want the best for our chiildren but not under this present form

I trust as you read me, you will do the right thing. Please share as wide as possible.

Much love to you mum and dad

Your Son,
Mark Bareta.

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