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In support of the Southern Cameroons Bishops and Ministers of God dragged to Court by agents of La Republique, the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium has declared a national protest day across all Southern Cameroons cities, villages, and Local Government Areas. Christians, Muslims, Traditionalists, Pagans and all Southern Cameroonians are being called upon to pour out on Friday 21st April 2017 holding peace plant marching and singing songs of victory in support to our Ministers of God. This day has also been declared a ghost town day. This means that all shops and businesses including taxis must remain closed with the only activity being the peaceful march. It should be recalled that it is on this same day April, 21st 1961 when the United General Assembly voted for Southern Cameroons Independence, a UN vote which La Republique Du Cameroun voted against. Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora are also advised to organized similar marches in their respective states in support of home front. All Southern Cameroonians are called upon to ensure the strict implementation of this communication: Read the entire text..

Restoration Struggle Gets Red Feather, Shifts Gear!

Dear brave people of Southern Cameroons, God who ordained this great struggle has finally united all the organizations fighting for us under one umbrella called SCACUF to take us to total independence in the shortest time possible. What La République feared most has happened; SCNC, SCAPO, SCYL, AGC, MoRISC, The Republic of Ambazonia, Consortium and all others are now under SCACUF with Tassang Wilfred as Pioneer Secretary General, Boh Herbert as Spokesman and Barrister Eyambe Elias as first Southern Cameroons Ambassador to the African Union.

Dear people, our resilience and mature decision not to take to the streets has been hailed widely, but now we need to show solidarity with the Body of Christ- the Church. By suing the Church, they have invited all of us into the streets like one man. Like in 1961, April 21st this year is a Friday. This is very significant. It was on this date that the UN General Assembly in a large majority voted for our independence. Curiously, La République voted against our independence- evidence of her annexationist plans. To mark this day & to protest against the blasphemy by La République in dragging our Bishops, Moderator and CBC President to Court, We call on all Southern Cameroonians to take the streets singing spiritual songs of victory, with peace plants and placards on that day which shall also be ghost towns to raise awareness to this fact.

Fellow comrades, we are winning and La République is angry; so do not be surprised to see messages discrediting SCACUF- ignore them. Our regular ghost towns will be on Mondays. Any message for ghost towns shall henceforth come only from Comrades Tassang and Eyambe.

God is with us!

The Consortium
Barrister Elias Eyambe- Assistant Secretary General
Tassang Wilfred- Programme Coordinator

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