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Why Ambazonian Must Gain Immediate Independence

By Mbah Godlove

France has humiliated La Republique du Cameroun’s colonial President, Paul Biya, by still reserving 50 percent of its wealth despite having liberated other former French African colonies.

Following France’s announcement to allow her former West African colonies to adopt a new currency, Eco, many economic pundits have chided Macron’s Central African puppet, Paul Biya – 44years older than Macron – for being unable to liberate his economically fragile nation from the whimbs and capprices of France.

Since 1960, France has continued to dictate the pace of the CFA Franc, keeping half of French Cameroun reserve at the French Central bank.

This action according economists, has contributed to over 50 years of continues economic stagnation.

Earlier on Saturday December 21, French President while visiting French troops fighting terrorism in the Sahel, pointed out that France will no longer be keeping money belonging to saven French West Africa nations and that French finance officers in the various states will withdraw from the financial institution.

It is increasingly becoming a reality that if Ambazonia does not quit the sower-master servant relationship with French Cameroun, its people will continue to be subjected under such economic damnation.

Ambazonia, contributes over 70 percent of La Republique du Cameroun, GDP.
Ambazonia’s independence, is the only urgent gate way to escape from such economic imprisonment.

One of the top reasons why Southern Cameroonians in 2016 began clamouring for the restoration of their statehood was to cut all links with France and the CFA Franc which have continuously been a stumbling block to its economic prosperity.

For the status quo to be averted, experts say Ambazonians must finish the decolonization process which they started three years ago.

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  1. Mukong

    December 22, 2019 at 11:33 PM

    Why should it be a surprise that this foolish Beti french slave has nothing to say other than to do what he knows best; which is how to wallow in absolute stupidity. Until the french leeches will give him a piece of paper with written instructions as to what to say or do next, Biya the “ngombe” will continue to daydream in that fantasyland of Etoudi.

  2. Sunshine

    December 23, 2019 at 8:14 AM

    biya, the monster of french cameroun

    At least biya and his francophone crime syndicate know they will never make it right with Ambzonians. They can declare ten Special Statuses. Biya, the monster is also a leech. biya
    by nature is arrogant, stupid and corrupt and likes Ambazonian blood. Because such behavior destroys mankind, he has been caged and regarded by the international community as a monster. biya said, if you want peace, you must prepare for war. For 37 years he prepared for war to kill off Ambazonians. Ambazonians thought they were only asking for their civil rights, just to discover that biya had started to slaughter all of them. Now they know what biya is and must fight to stay alive if they can. biya, the monster is using public funded bulu intervention rapid to wipe out Ambazonians. That’s foolish pride . biya will have to account for the 20000 Ambazonians he has already neutralized in Southern Cameroon and pretending now to resolve the sickening situation with a special status he does not have and cannot explain. Let biya keep his special status. Southern Cameroon is an INDEPENDENT COUNTRY THAT WILL NEVER BE A SPECIAL STATUS in biya’s corrupt french cameroun.

  3. tabetando

    December 23, 2019 at 4:38 PM

    In my opinion our crumbled institutions are the causes of much concern eventhough dependency of the fr CFA is one of them: our institutions are powercam(electricity supply to all West Cameroon),Powercam footbaal club, Mutengene West Cameroon Police Academy recruiting and training police men and women,Ombe technical school(training technicians), all the PWD’s ( Public’s workers transports for our roads maintenance) with heavy machinery in evey division from WUM through Mamfe to Victoria. Where are those machinery today? All have been looted. Our other crumbled institutions by LRC include Tole tea estate, Ndu tea estate,Cameroon bank,West Cameroon Mobile Force,Cameroon Development Coorperation(CDC), Victoria port,Tiko warf, Mamfe warf, Tiko airport, Bisongabang airport, Bali airport our football clubs, radio station in Buea and other legacies of ours like common law erosion, erosion of english speaking lifestyle,amongst others unmentioned

    • Mbeuh

      December 24, 2019 at 12:41 AM

      You evoke nostalgia in me with the mention of those institutions because my family and I lived it. To answer and elaborate on some of your questions, the equipment of the PWD were carted away to Yaoundé in a schematic effort to obliviate Southern Cameroon‘s independence and self governance. Cameroon Bank head office was transferred from Victoria to Yaoundé, mismanaged by appointed francophones managers and later went into bankruptcy and died an unnatural death. The CDC, Tole and Ndu Tea Estates were injected with French Cameroon managers and the rest is history. I saw off my late sister at the Tiko international airport where she flew to London on a BOAC (British Overseas Airway Corporation) jetliner to study nursing and midwifery on a British scholarship in 1966. The (Southern) Cameroon Air Transport (airways) was headquartered at Tiko international airport and flew many routes including flights between Tiko and Douala , a mere 24 miles away by road intertwoven in swamp. Dr Nkwame Nkrumah, prime minister of Ghana at the time, visited and was warmly received at the Tiko international airport in 1959 by then outgoing and incoming prime minister Endeley and Foncha respectively. He did not fly into Yaoundé! Repeat, He did not fly to Yaoundé.
      Ombe Technical College was our Southern Cameroons MIT equivalent. Graduates were top notch professionals in diverse technical fields. I can go on and on and on but will suffer the emotions of drenching in my tears at the loss of the good ole Southern Cameroons. My only comfort is the emergence of the NEVER AGAIN GENERATION and contributing my widow’s mite to restoring the dignity and independence of our beloved Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) nation. God bless the struggle.

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