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Why Ambazonian Must Gain Immediate Independence

By Mbah Godlove

France has humiliated La Republique du Cameroun’s colonial President, Paul Biya, by still reserving 50 percent of its wealth despite having liberated other former French African colonies.

Following France’s announcement to allow her former West African colonies to adopt a new currency, Eco, many economic pundits have chided Macron’s Central African puppet, Paul Biya – 44years older than Macron – for being unable to liberate his economically fragile nation from the whimbs and capprices of France.

Since 1960, France has continued to dictate the pace of the CFA Franc, keeping half of French Cameroun reserve at the French Central bank.

This action according economists, has contributed to over 50 years of continues economic stagnation.

Earlier on Saturday December 21, French President while visiting French troops fighting terrorism in the Sahel, pointed out that France will no longer be keeping money belonging to saven French West Africa nations and that French finance officers in the various states will withdraw from the financial institution.

It is increasingly becoming a reality that if Ambazonia does not quit the sower-master servant relationship with French Cameroun, its people will continue to be subjected under such economic damnation.

Ambazonia, contributes over 70 percent of La Republique du Cameroun, GDP.
Ambazonia’s independence, is the only urgent gate way to escape from such economic imprisonment.

One of the top reasons why Southern Cameroonians in 2016 began clamouring for the restoration of their statehood was to cut all links with France and the CFA Franc which have continuously been a stumbling block to its economic prosperity.

For the status quo to be averted, experts say Ambazonians must finish the decolonization process which they started three years ago.

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