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Ambazonian Press Hit By Storm: The Post Publisher Dies At 64



Ambazonian Press Hit By Storm: The Post Publisher Dies At 64

By Mbah Godlove

The media family across Ambazonia and beyond is yet to come to terms with the death of Francis K. Wache, Publisher of The Post newspaper.

The season journalist, teacher and Mayor of Nkor, Noni local government area was declared dead, Friday, December 20 at the Buea zonial hospital.

He is reported to have suffered from a malaise that Friday morning and was rushed to Mt Mary hospital where he was, after ecology, referred to the Buea Zonial hospital.

Francis Wache will forever be remembered for his ability in liberating the Ambazonian press from the oppressive and obnoxious laws passed by the French colonial regime to stifle the press.

In July 1997, he together with some journalists from the then Cameroon Post, started what is today known as The Post newspaper which Pa remained as publisher till his demise.

Desipite being a militant of the SDF black leg party, Francis Wache, funly called Fon by The post’s Staff, will be remembered by history books for his pivotal role as rapporteur during The All Anglophone Conference, AAC1.

He has been aplauded by many for strickly respecting the editorial policy of the post despite being a politician.

Pa Wache, served as the National President of Cameroon Association of English-speaking Journalist, CAMASEJ from 2003.

As a way of paying tribute to the iconic journalist whom the Post managing Editor, Bouddih Adams describes as “a fine brain with a fine pen”, CAMASEJ has announced an annual ‘FRANCIS WACHE AWARD’ to decorate the best print journalist.

Despite being a great contributor in the liberalisation of the Ambazonian press, Francis Wache died a “traitor” as he was heading the SDF list for Noni LGA where he was colonial Mayor.

He shunned calls from restoration fighters not to take part in the up coming municipal and Legislative elections organised by the occupational regime of dictator Paul Biya.

We of BaretaNews wish him a peaceful repose as he begins the journey to the land of no return.

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