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SCACUF Judiciary Member Resigns, Blames Leadership For Ignoring Fraud Allegations







Mr. Marc Chebs is a Canadian Lawyer originating from Southern Cameroons and a member of the SCACUF Judiciary Department set up by the Chairman of the SCACUF Governing Council. Mr. Chebs had earlier on written an open letter to the Governing Council Leadership to address fraud allegations, internal crisis rocking the establishment to no avail. As a result, the said member has resigned on the basis of freeing his professional career and consciences from any skirmishes currently going on in that establishment. BaretaNews thinks that this is a good move. We are building a Southern Cameroons where people should be free to speak out, disagree and even resign from office if they think that they cannot offer their services due to their own fault or as a result of government failure. It is our position that the upcoming SCACUF Conclave must look at all these issues in details. The Southern Cameroons people shall not allow any individual or groups to pass these issues under the bus and bring forth a false unity. There is no way we shall fight La Republique to enter another La Republique. BaretaNews is henceforth making it a duty to follow up these leads. We shall no longer cover up issues in the name of hoping things will take shape. It helps only the occupier. You can read below his complete statement.


October 18, 2017
The Southern Cameroons Governing Council (SCGC)
The SCACUF Secretariat
The People of Southern Cameroons/ Ambazonia
Dear Comrades,

Accept greetings from Marc Chebs of the SCACUF Judiciary and fellow citizen of Ambazonia. It is with a heavy heart and a broken spirit that I write to you in this time of great uncertainty and mistrust. The last time I wrote something of this nature, I was assuring you that we of the Judiciary stand firm for the principles of fairness, equality, justice and the rule of law. I promised that we will stay true to these principles, and hold the same creed as we breath new life into Ambazonia.

Over the last year I have dedicated the fullness of myself to our cause. I have worked long and hard to ensure accountability and good governance from all the leaders and various sectors of our cause. As a lawyer I have worked tirelessly since the first conclave to ensure that transparency, accountability and the Rule of law are tenets of the United Front. While the work has been difficult, I continued to be steadfast and focused on creating a process driven principled approach to managing our restoration Quest.

Unfortunately, I have faced resistance and push back from individuals who think in a revolution accountability and ethics are secondary and therefore should not be the focus. We have had our disagreements and yet I remained committed. However, the recent allegations of fraud, the crises that ensued and the continuous failure of the Governing Council leadership to appropriately speak to these issues have put my professional ethical obligations as a Canadian lawyer at odds with the professional and ethical values represented in SCACUF. I have given my best till now to ensure we do not become the same LRC we are vigorously fighting against.

Mindful of all my fellow Ambazonians who have given their lives for our cause and who remain in exile, wounded, homeless, imprisoned and under constant fear of torture and reprimand, I pledge to continue this fight as a private citizen using the fulness of my ability and resources. I will not relent. I will not give up on you.
However, after a thorough review of my professional ethical obligations, I am stepping aside and withdrawing my name from SCACUF. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most passionate and selfless men and women and whatever they decide to do, I can only wish them all the best and will keep you in my prayers. As we have all said many times, this struggle is bigger than any one person and that holds true for me as well.
Long live our restoration Quest and Long live the peoples of Ambazonia
Yours Truly,

Marc Chebs

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