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Mark Bareta And Tapang Ivo In Yaounde Military Court Today, Life Jail Sentence Expected



Renowned Ambazonian Activists are expected to appear before La Republique du Cameroun’s kangaroo court today. This news has been first reported by BBC Yaounde Correspondent Randy Joe in an online and print media called the Voice.

The information is contained in a facsimile of 29/08/2019, Randy Joe reveals.

According to the documents, authorities of French Cameroun would be asking outspoken and unapologetic Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo questions dwelling on charges of “acts of terrorism, civil war, secession, and hostility against fatherland”.

Wednesday October 2’s hearing will be void of the Southern Cameroons’ diasporan leasders as Mark Bareta unequivocally stands tall that he is not a Cameroonian and that it is imbecilic of the LRC to consider self defense mechanism as treason.

The so-called court case reportedly came up in the Yaounde military tribunal last September 4 wherein, none of the leaders were present.

On speaking to Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo, Former Consortium Interim Leaders, both rubbished such a move as inconsequential. They said they were not aware of such a move and that Cameroun has lost the war.

Prior to a trap aimed at completely exterminating Ambazonians in LRC’s capital, Yaounde — in the name of dialogue — CEO of BaretaNews was summoned to partake in the national dialogue event, but he, like other genuine leaders, termed the social media invitations as a “none event” as he already had
a premonition of what awaited him.

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