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Ambazonia Denizens Decry Colonial Mistreatment, Cry For Rescue



Ambazonian Denizens Decry Colonial Mistreatment, Cry For Rescue

Ambazonians in Buea have decried what they have termed their “harsh colonial treatment” from La Republique du Cameroun’s brutal military.

On Monday, December 23, a contingent of French Cameroun’s troops randomly and illegally did away with Southern Cameroons’ citizens, irrespective of the possession of their identification documents or not.

According to BaretaNews sources, among the detention centers where the baby-killer agent conveyed their “captives” to, was Molyko Police Station, opposite the GCE Board.

One of the sources who feared being arrested just like others revealed he saw a multitude of helpless Ambazonians who went one pleading that they had committed no crime while carrying along with their identification documents.

A victim’s relative added: “I was at the external toilet when uniformed men made their way into our house here at Checkpoint, and whisked away my aunt who was cooking food for our hospitalized dad”.

We gathered that all pleas to let the woman be, yielded no fruit, as she was rather taken to the detention facility a huge sum of money would be collected.

It remains unclear why this obnoxious misfortune is multiplying at a rapid rate a few days to the Christmas celebration.

According to many a Southern Cameroonian, the hunger-stricken Biya military is fetching for money which they will be celebrating the holy feast with.

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