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Ambazonian Refugees Cry Out As Humanitarian Crisis Persists



Ambazonian Refugees Cry Out As Humanitarian Crisis Persists

By Mbah Godlove

The new year has seemingly not been good to Ambazonian refugees in Nigeria whose living standards are a cause for concern.

The citizens who are fleeing from the bloody armed conflict in their homeland are spread across 4 states in the neighboring Federal Republic of Nigeria

The refugees who are in their thousands have been raising concerns over their standards of living as the war in their land of birth is far from ending any soon.

According to some of them in Cross River State revealed that they have hardly been able to have a single meal a day since the beginning of 2022.

“We are really in very difficult moments now as we have no food to eat.

We are only surviving by the grace of God,” revealed a mother of two.

While the refugees wallow in misery, most Ambazonian leaders are busy fighting a war of words on social media.

It is the wish of the refugees that, the leaders forget about their differences and unite for a common good.

Only collective efforts could accelerate the end of hostilities for the refugees to return home.

It is hoped that this clarion call for humanitarian assistance yields fruits as the refugees continue to live under very horrible conditions.

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