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Southern Cameroons: Biya and The Church Marry In Hypocrisy








The Euphoria following Paul Biya’s August 30th decree releasing citizens of Southern Cameroons that were abusively and illegally held in prisons in Yaoundé for over 8 months, is simply much ado about nothing, an epitome of hypocrisy. The same scheme that led to such excitement was used in the Internet blackout period a few months back, and has been used countless times in the past. In simple terms it is called pretending to solve a problem. Our people also refer to such dubious practice as “bite and blow”. Oppressors like ours use such vague decrees to divide, confuse and rule their subjects with less trouble. It is also a form of self-aggrandizement, to say the least, something leaders do when they feel they are losing the loyalty of the people they have had and abused for so long. These descriptions all fit perfectly when you read through the infamous decree by the impostor “father of the nation” to borrow from his stooges on praise singing missions on the media.

Unfortunately, the people of Southern Cameroons know the drill too well to buy the malicious and manipulative interpretations of the decree by stooges of the Yaoundé regime. We read in between the lines and understand everything hidden behind each word and phrase used. One of the most popular claims surrogates of Paul Biya and his gang use nowadays is that the entourage of the president doesn’t inform him well about the problems plaguing their country and especially the problem labeled “The Anglophone Problem”. This fat lie makes me laugh all the time I hear it. Dear hypocrites, if there is one person in La Republique du Cameroun who knows “The Anglophone Problem” well, that person is Paul Biya. He was there from when the seeds of the problem were sown and nurtured to what we have today. In fact, he was groomed in the system to handle this problem in the best way beneficial to the bigger master whom he has served in the best way possible throughout his career. Those who say he is misinformed lose sight on the fact that Paul Biya had a political career prior to becoming president. Look at the positions he served in prior to becoming president. As Secretary General and later Prime Minister at the Presidency under Ahmadou Babatoura Ahidjo, he was part and parcel of all the insidious moves towards the annexation and elimination of Southern Cameroons. It is hypocrisy beyond measure for anyone to say he doesn’t know what the problem is. There are less than five administrators still in active service in the two territories of Southern Cameroons and La Republique du Cameroun combined who know everything about The Anglophone Problem and Paul Biya is one of them. He knows the inside out of the problem, the solution to it, who to talk to and what to do exactly to do. Stop blaming it on his entourage. Stop the hypocrisy.

Another area where hypocrisy has reached its peak recently in the struggle for the restoration of the statehood of Southern Cameroons has been in the church. The church we knew in November 2016, the one that seemingly stood for justice, truth, the oppressed and the underprivileged has suddenly changed to one that urges children to go to school under all the insecurity because the church will lose a lot of money if they don’t. God-fearing Southern Cameroonian people are still struggling to stomach shocking declarations by some money-minded church leaders who care more about the billions of CFA francs they get around this time of the year than the well being of a suffering people. We now realize how important the month of September is to the church and their schools. It is the month their cash cow comes around. With no school resumption, that cash cow will not be stopping by this time around, hence all the anger. In November 2016 we found solace in the church.


In September 2017 we see betrayal in the same church as they host our oppressors, guns strapped across their backs, cleaning school campuses so they can lure in our children and milk them of the little food money they are left with. Some months back, the people stood with the church against the oppressor threatening to judge and condemn them in court. The oppressor was shamed as the people of God triumphed over the forces of evil. Today that same church echoes calls by the same oppressor to force evil practices on the people. The people of Southern Cameroons say no to dubious church leaders and declarations full of hypocrisy because we shall continue to entrust the struggle in the hands of the almighty with or without such people. We wait for you in church to see how you introduce those sermons you know so well. As our people dance to the alter with their hard earned best for Thanks Giving, they will know you will receive the gifts, bless them and as they turn around you will stab them in the back. Such is the hypocritical church we now worship.

This cankerworm, hypocrisy eating into the struggle is beginning to change some lions of yesterday into lambs of today. That’s the true nature of a revolution. It changes people, brings down some, carries some away and emboldens others. Keep strong and more vigilant that ever.

Ndoh Emmanuel

BaretaNews Contributor

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