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Economic Freedom Brings Political Freedom.



There is a need for economic freedom in the Cameroons especially in the English-speaking part. What I have l noticed is that, recently in Buea, Capital of German Kamerun and Southern Cameroons, there has been an uplift of economic prosperity by mostly Anglophone youth who are trying to make a breakthrough. We have seen tremendous improvement in the entertainment and movie industries such as the Syndy Emade’s Blue Rain Entertainment industry, Malvis’s BILIF movie industry etc. We have seen small companies which are doing well, such as Bongaful Peeps industry, Entrepreneurs such as Mambe Churchill Nanje, Louis Fame McCarter, Ngwane Hansel, Abongwa Victor etc.

Let us take the example of the Nigerian market by investing in our economy and consuming our own product. I am addressing this particularly to the Anglophone people. We must emancipate ourselves economically so that we can yield political power. Let us buy and consume our own movies, let us buy and consume our own juice made in Anglophone Cameroon. Let us support one way or the other small medium enterprises, entrepreneurs to grow so that they can create jobs. I know the system is not that good, but we can dare. We can try and we would succeed.
Attached are some samples of dresses designed and produced by Loius Fame Design Industry in Tiko, Southern Cameroons. It is December period, many Cameroonians from the diaspora are going back home. Let us get in contact, buy these products for our friends and family and enjoy them. Let us consume our own locally made clothes. This is how we grow and this is how we can seize political power by being economically strong. I have already ordered three of these designs from Tiko, Southern Cameroons to support our own industry. Let us invest in them in whatever means possible.
I choose to be positive on this post.
God is still saying something.

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