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The world is waiting to see the proposed political solutions from La Republique Du Cameroun in order to endorse. But, conventionally, for any solution model to receive the full blessings and sustainable backings from world powers, it must be drafted by them and imposed on the regime. If LRC ostensibly take the initiative to put forth a remedy without due consultation, it will not be worthy enough for the world powers to blindly and mindlessly commit to, though they will always maintain a beneficial neutrality.

Consequently, we have little time to increase our forces in numbers and arm them with lethal weapons inorder to build and expand the infrastructures of defense within liberated territories.

Whether or not a consensus is reach between LRC and the world powers that will reinforce the colonial regime, we must without delay transform villages and communities into armies of the Revolution.

The declared election calendar sets a timeline of political events that would confer legitimacy to the regime and, therefore, with a renewed mandate, establish an engagement framework for international cooperation to drive “domestic consensus”.

The first diplomat to speak on the issue was a cabinet minister in the U.K who told parliament that, this is an election in the Cameroons. But what does this mean and is there precedent for the style of intervention?

No, western nation with the exception of France, wants to be seen taking part in senseless African warfare or committing soldiers to it apart from the U.N backed coalition under the guise or framework of fighting terrorism in Somalia, Mali etc. But, in conflicts that have endangered the sovereignty of African nations, France & Belgium have used international political instruments for intervened as in Congo, Central African Republic, Ivory Coast, Mali, Senegal etc.

To support Gov,t political efforts and plans across the world faced with the scale of challenges, an election was a sine qua non. Election is interpreted as a political covenant that binds a people to the decisions in power; It’s a consent giving mechanism that breeds the legitimacy in government; It’s a power conferring and transferring tool; It’s hope builder and consensus carrier…If ever authority were to be passed from a Francophone to an Anglophone, an election would first be conducted for this purpose to ensure the legality, morality and civility in the political process. So, whether or not an Anglophone presidential candidate is presented, the Francophone power holder would have to renew his mandate before handing over.

In Canada, an election was needed to give power to someone from the French-Speaking Quebecois in similar circumstances and justifications; In Ethiopia recently, power was handed over to Abiy Amed of the marginalized Oromo people by way of ballot in parliament after being appointed. In Egypt, Sisi had to conduct election after a coup to secure Western support. On the contrary, the Kabila of Congo have come under international attack for not conducting election to get a successor. Also, the Spanish Government had to openly use violence and force to prevent a referendum in Catalonia to avoid the consequences of election.

To LRC, holding election is crucial for the next phase of this conflict, whether through direct and general vote by the people or ballot in parliament. There have never been a transparent election in Cameroon, so transparency and vote credibility is not what they would be seeking. It’s mere political process that is proof of righteousness to cement authority and produce a desired outcome. The most important thing or asset any such a election must show is that the Anglophone community took part in it, even if it’s just a fraction of those eligible.

We would not be able to do much across the territory with our present fighting force. We must increase in number and replace the old weapons and make sure every foot soldier of the revolution is armed.

How are we going to sabotage the election?

Comrade Don Wan-Obi.

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