The US is not taking lightly the killings, the burnings, the rights deprivation, degenerating socio-political and security life in the two Cameroons. That is why Washington is in Yaounde since yesterday to make America’s position and those of her Western allies abundantly clear to the Biya regime regarding the “separatist conflict” in Southern Cameroons and the leadership question in the Republic of Cameroon:


  1. Yaounde is expected to tell America this is a domestic matter we are dealing with so stay away from it: This argument stops to make sense in the ears of any American or Ghanaian or Kenyan the moment you wind back the hand of the clock to see that since this war started foreign nationals from America, Ghana and Kenya have been brutally murdered and the regime is still to provide answers and closure on circumstances leading to these deaths. Secondly, human rights abuses are a universal problem and not only a national issue that’s why such abuses are prosecuted in the ICC for example.


  1. That Cameroon gov’t is totally ineffective in addressing the Anglophone problem.
  2. The actions of the Biya government have worsened the Anglophone problem.
  3. That LRC has not been proactive in resolving the Anglophone problem as they refused to call for an all inclusive dialogue without preconditions earlier recommended by America and the international community.
  4. America will offer to call the two conflicting parties ( Separatist leaders and the Government of Cameroon) to a round table for open dialogue without preconditions in order to get to the bottom of the crisis and address the heart of the core problem.
  5. America will tell Yaounde that Professor Maurice Kamto and Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia leaders were arrested for purely political reasons and demand that Yaounde be wise enough to release kampto and all Ambazonia leaders. This will ease growing tensions in the medium term while allowing open and all inclusive dialogue to address the root causes as a long term solution to the longstanding Anglophone existential problem, (America will say).
  6. During the meeting, America will hail and highlight its collaboration with the Yaounde regime in the fight against Boko Haram that saw America reducing military assistance to Cameroon for human rights violations.
    At the same time, Washington will draw a fine line between the Boko Haram crisis and the Anglophone conflict and state clearly that the US approach in addressing both situations is completely different from one another. This despite the fact that Yaounde has worked in vain to brand “Anglpohone separatists” as terrorists in the eyes of the international community to justify the genocide.
  7. Finally, as concerns the delapidating political situation in the entire country, America could recommend to President Biya a short term and long term political solution that could likely include “regime change” in the nearest possible future. Afterall America already SUMMARIZED the just ended Presidential elections in Cameroon as fraud thereby casting doubts about the reelection of Mr. Biya as President instead of Kamto.

This particular last point is of great interest to America because it takes into consideration the national security interests of America if you factor in geopolitical calculations and the strategic importance of a peaceful LRC and a free and independent Southern Cameroons that is very rich in both human and natural resources.

While I expect Yaounde to be defiant at the same time making all kinds of promises and assurances to Washington, I foresee America never giving up and see also here the beginning of a new chapter for the resolution of this deadly conflict officially opening tomorrow with Southern Cameroons emerging winners in the end of it all.

Stay tuned and Praise God. It is worth it.

Dr. David Makongo



  1. Sunshine

    March 18, 2019 at 4:03 AM

    biya is ready to bribe with more gold statuettes to complete the annihilation of Ambazonians. But will biya have the last laugh?

    As the American envoy eats in the unity palace this evening, biya is silently conducting an insurgency in Ambazonia that is killing and maiming innocent Ambalanders while claiming everything is under control. biya did the same when the UN General visited last year. All along biya has funneled lies and gold bribes to the international community while continuing his genocide in Ambazonia. I hope Trump’s envoy this time around is not bought over again as the commonwealth lady two years with a gold chain.

    But let me make it very clear: Ambazonians will defend themselves regardless. Amba’s resolve yesterday in Wum, is clear evidence that Amba Fearless is standing their ground and will do what it takes to bring down biya’s well armed but poorly trained terrorist army. biya’s army takes on unarmed women and children, burning down homes and raping women instead of fighting Amba Boys in biya’s declared war. That is biya, the despot in his true colors. biya should know he shall never win a war in Ambazonia. Let biya send his weaklings to their death in Amba Land. french cameroun widows just started shouting out their lungs after realizing their husband and son soldiers have been sacrificed on the alter their old despot – biya. The elephant shall be tamed by the scorpion.

  2. Jon

    March 19, 2019 at 12:23 AM

    Mr Tibor Nagy said on Monday March 18, 2019 and I quote “Our discussions were frank, honest, and direct (straightforward). We exchanged views and I appreciated the wisdom and intelligence of President Biya who is an outstanding (exceptional) statesman. The United States and Cameroon have so many common interests. I, like your government, want what is absolutely the best for the Cameroonian people.”

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