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sex preferences: Boy or Girl ?




Time is changing, modernity is cropping (especially in developing countries), mentalities are changing, behavioral patterns are orienting, ideologies/perceptions to certain beliefs and practices are equally changing, the list is unending.How do these relate to individual views and preferences on the sex identity of a child? In the traditional African era, and even at present especially in some very centralized systems of traditional leadership, a male child is preferred to a female child.

We watch in movies how kings and queens with children (all girls) are unsatisfied because they yearn for an heir to the throne. It may be tradition, but yet subjectively, it’s archaic! Why? I believe children are God-given and their sex is biologically determined by both parents especially the man. Let me get into a little biological analysis: the theory of genetic reproduction holds that the woman has “XX” while the man “X and Y” sex chromosomes. X for female and Y for male. If the man passes on an X chromosome, it produces a female identity and if a Y chromosome is passed on, it produces a male identity. Certainly, it’s not a woman’s fault of having females as most times, men attribute it to their wives.

As stated, men most often determined the sex of the child in line with the XY Chromosome theory. Some believe that the manner and ways in which a man has sexual intercourse with his women will be determined whether a boy will be formed. Most women have suffered in marriages at no fault of theirs. Most often if check, the fault will come from the man. Producing sperm is not equal to impregnating a girl. The sperm must be heavy and should sufficiently swim to meet the egg so before you start blaming the woman, the man should check himself

However, I hold the opinion that a child, be it a boy or a girl is a child given to you specially by God. Whether male or female, that child will become the person destined. If you have children, may be all girls, thank God because there’s someone out there looking for just one child. Let’s say no to “sex preferences” of children and be contended with the one or ones we have been blessed.


God is still saying something.

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