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BaretaNews: The Week In Retrospect



The Week in Retrospect: August, 1-8th, 2016.

The week started with Joshua Osih, first Vice National President of the SDF declaring that Cameroonians should not use his name and that he will only comment in 2018. He made the statement in line with the purported media report of him becoming the 2018 SDF Presidential candidate. The statement was made after the July 30th NEC Meeting.


Fru Ndi continued the news by saying Cameroonians youth are irresponsible. The chairman of Cameroon’s main opposition party, John Fru Ndi, made the statement on Saturday 30th July. He explained that youths calling for his replacement as a potential SDF presidential candidate for the 2018 poll are irresponsible.


The week saw a group of Southern Cameroonians in the USA demonstrating. BaretaNnews could see a lot of young ladies and Gents joining. They were proud to wear the flag of Southern Cameroons. BaretaNews wondered that while this was good, it is not being translated back home. Southern Cameroonians have been arrested and detained. BaretaNews wondered what these folks are doing to help them back home? How many of them have come to the help of Numvi, Maxwell and all those recently arrested? How do they contribute to help folks back home? Is it only photo gallery or videos? The movement though strong abroad must do all for this to translate home. There must be synergy.


BaretaNews celebrated the good results exhibited by Catholic Educational Schools in Buea Diocese. The results were the best in many decades. Speaking to Fr. Alexander Sob Nougi, he wrote, “Politicians build edifices, teachers mould minds. I have told my teachers, we cannot have 20th-century teachers using the 19th-century curriculum to teach 21st-century children. Quit baseless dogmatism and face the challenges of the Android generation. I am very proud of my teachers. They deserved all the praises because these results are a direct reflection of the work these teachers put in. God bless them.”


Cameroonians were pleased to know that one of them in the USA designed and launched a new product. He is a 22-year-old Cameroonian called Marc-Yves K. Nganpi. He is a Criminologist & Criminal Justice student, not a science student, cosmetologist nor a dermatologist but he has been so much involved when it comes to researching natural ingredients, identifying skin & hair issues and putting cosmetics together to produce this product. It works on all types of skin and hair disorders. BaretaNews earlier called on all Cameroonians home and abroad to support the young man grow.


Cameroonians were shocked to note that Cameroun MPs were busy donating plastic chairs using the 8 million micro-grants given to them by the state. This revelation was made by Ateh Mbapang Thomson Pepeah. He is a young PAP politician who attempted for the office of an MP under the Mezam central constituency during the last Parliamentary elections. He was the youngest parliamentary candidate. He wrote that Cameroun MPs have been using the 8 million CFA grants given to them for micro projects to donate plastic chairs to their community even spending lavishly more than the chairs are worth during the so-called handing over ceremony.


The SDF Chairman then ended the Joshua-Osih debate. In an interview with Cameroon Tribune, he stated “The party is not my personal property. If Hon. Joshua Osih wins at the elective convention, he will lead. I am proud that I have led the SDF to emerge as the strongest party in Cameroon in the midst of all sorts of obstacles. It is not time to twist our rules”


BaretaNews went further to revealed how wasted the Cameroun government could become. We revealed Amadou Vamoulke bogus allowances. He is now languishing in Kondengui Maximum Security Prison. He had a monthly salary of FCFA 7.5 million, a housing allowance of FCFA 800.000, FCFA 20 million for fuel every month, about FCFA 23 million to manage his secretariat as well as 10 percent gains from CRTV contracts. He also had huge sums of FCFA 5 million within Cameroon and FCFA 10 million out of Cameroon of mission allowances per month.


BaretaNews had an exclusive interview with Prince Ekosso, 2018 Youth Presidential hopeful. He described his visions and what he thought about this current regime and the Cameroons. Amongst others, he wrote “from every indication, English speaking Cameroonians (Anglophones) have men and women who have the leadership, moral, spiritual and intellectual capacity to lead this nation to safe heavens, especially in this season where the nation has been exploited by so many of our Francophone compatriots for the past 50 years”


BaretaNews went foreign. President Obama within the week said Donald Trump is unfit to be President. Donald Trump in a statement fired back “Obama-Clinton have single-handedly destabilized the Middle East, handed Iraq, Libya, and Syria to ISIS, and allowed our personnel to be slaughtered at Benghazi. Then they put Iran on the path to nuclear weapons. Then they allowed dozens of veterans to die waiting for medical care that never came. She is reckless with her emails, reckless with regime change, and reckless with American lives. Our nation has been humiliated abroad and compromised by radical Islam brought onto our shores. We need change now.”


BaretaNews announced the passing away of GICAM President. Andre Fotso, President of GICAM died in Paris, France. This came just a few days after Oyono, GM of Douala Port died in France.

The Cameroonians community were shocked to see University students from Bamenda and Yaounde marching to thank Biya for the so-called laptops promised them. The move received serious condemnation from Cameroonians on social media. Cameroonians were furious and heavily condemned it.


Cameroonians were stunned when a group of Pentecostal pastors in Cameroon endorsed Biya to run again. They pressured for an extension of the 34-year rule by Cameroon’s president, Paul Biya, according to a signed letter officially published Tuesday, 2nd August 2016 in the state-run newspaper, Cameroon Tribune. Most of the names endorsing the 83-year-old leader appeared to be from the French-speaking regions in the West African nation.


Buea, the Capital of South West Region was designated as the centre of Technology in the Cameroons. It was termed the Silicon Mountain by Technological experts and young engineers. They are the face of the Cameroons and Africa. The African Centre for Technology, Innovation and Ventures Spaces (ActivSpaces) took the lead in this venture. It was great to see startups who are doing so well in ActiveSpaces. BaretaNews revealed the management team led by Otto Akama are doing something great for the Cameroons.


The intelligence unit of People’s Action Party revealed that the laptops President Paul offered the University students were overbilled. They said seven major laptop manufacturers in China’s leading manufacturing city of Shenzhen were contacted. They include: Shenzhen Yu Chuang Xing Ye Technology Co., Ltd; Shenzhen Yongjing Digital Limited Company; Shenzhen Sanwo Digital Technology Co., Ltd; Shenzhen Yyhong Technology Co., Limited; Shenzhen Sayirin Technology Co., Limited; Shenzhen Hisent Science & Technology Co., Ltd and Shenzhen BOCOOR Technology ComLtd. They provided Pro forma Invoices (PI) for the highest grade quality of 500,000 mini laptop computers with each having a warranty of 2 years. The prices ranged from 52 dollars (FCFA 29,350) to 79 dollars (FCFA 46,373) per piece [Current exchange rate is [1 USD = 587 XAF].

A mean of the best prices these factories accept to provide is 65.5 dollars (FCFA 38,448.5). Now, if the government is buying 500,000 mini laptop computers for a whopping FCFA 150,000 per piece, it is either a very bad deal or some ministers have added mouth-watery commissions – four times greater than the actual cost – a scenario capable of ‘under-developing’ the Cameroonian people.- PAP Intelligence team reported.


The week also saw the Chairman of Ambazonia Governing Council requesting Southern Cameroons to contribute to the Fund Against Impunity- They now own a website where all information and updates could be obtained ( The council chaired by Ayaba Cho Lucas is calling on all Southern Cameroonians, Anglophones, English Cameroonians, Ambazonians or call it whatever to contribute and help fund comrades detained in the Cameroons.


BaretaNews brought to the knowledge of the public a communique from the Vice-Chancellor, University of Buea-UB. UB will be organizing a counseling week from August 8-12th.BaretaNews notes that this is a good move from the University. Most often than not, students are confused on what to apply to the University. Some will apply to programs due to peer pressures, family advises but not on what they really want. This is a good opportunity for potential UB students to engage into- BaretaNews noted. The University has now many professional programs, it is an opportunity for potential students to engage and understands what they really want to do. Despite the shortcomings in Cameroon’s educational system, it is important potential students seize this rare opportunity provided by the University-BaretaNews revealed.


A major lie was discovered during the week. It was revealed that each student who participated in the planned march past in Yaounde and Bamenda on Wednesday 3rd August 2016 to thank Biya on his so-called promised Chinese laptop were paid 2500frs CFA each. “I’m here for the money my brother. I’m already doing the calculations. The water bottle they will give me, I will pay 400 CFA francs of my taxi and the rest we’ll see, ” said Olivier, a history student at the University of Yaounde I ” – reported Nouvelle Expression, the French Daily in their Thursday, 4th August Edition.


In another foreign news, Donald Trump said he was puzzled as to why he’s not leading Hillary Clinton by large margins at a rally Wednesday 3rd August night. “We go to Oklahoma, we had 25,000 people. We had 21,000 people in Dallas. We had 35,000 people in Mobile, Alabama. We have these massive crowds. You’ve got thousands of people outside trying to get in “. the Republican nominee said. Trump then questioned how the attendance at his rallies hasn’t been reflected in the polls. This election will be interesting.


BaretaNews went ahead to relay some health tips. Some 5 top foods were revealed which when eaten could make humans look younger. BaretaNews noted that Some food types have the ability to make one looks younger than you can imagine as they supply the body system with so many nutrients. some classes of foods cause allergy and are deleterious to someone’s health. Whereas some food could make a person look much younger than his or her age. Food such as Paw Paw, apple, lettuce etc was mentioned.


Cameroun was schooled by Ivory coast. Ivory Coast which has been in a civil war right up to 2011 when Alassane Ouattara took over the political office as Laurent Gbagbo was arrested and detained could make a good deal more than a country which has seen relative peace for 50+ years with no military coup. Information revealed that Ivory Coast has just struck a deal worth 4 billion CFA to assemble computers in the country producing 2000 computers a day, meanwhile Cameroons Paul Biya scammed the people of the Cameroons with a 70 billion CFA project to provide 500.000 computers to University students. How visionless can Cameroons leaders be? How useless can they be? The video therein is revealing.


President Paul Biya then went ahead on Thursday 4th August 2016, to sign a decree instituting a change in the ID Card production. The New ID Card will hence have a magnetic stripe with a microprocessor and will carry a phone number. Cameroonians will be able to be identified hence by a unique phone number.


Cameroonians then made nonsense of The Economic Partnership Agreement, EPA signed by the Cameroun government with the European Union. The deal went into effect as of Thursday, August 4th, 2016. The accord stated that 80 percent of EU goods will get into Cameroon duty-free. Some 1760 lists of EU goods have been shortlisted to begin entering the Cameroon market free of charge amongst which includes tractors, sewing machines, cars, farm tools and other goods. In return, Cameroon will continue to ship cotton, rubber, banana, coffee, cocoa into EU market. Cameroon Economists who were opposed to the deal says Cameroon will lose huge sums of customs revenue as Cameroon sends very little to the EU market.


One of the major highlights of the week which received hundreds of reaction from Cameroonians concerned the outfit Cameroonian team used in the just launched Rio Olympics. The Cameroons Olympic team made headlines with their outstanding and unique outfit. It featured amongst the top 3 boldest and unique outfits at the Rio Olympics. However, Nono Nkele based in the UK preferred a change. She wrote ” Prefer the subtlety, simplicity and calmness of Western Cameroon traditional fabric. Time for a change I think “. She will prefer the Bamileke outfit to replace the North West Traditional Regalia as the official outfit of the country. She continued to defend her position by writing “Firstly the NW traditional fabric should come with a health warning for those of us with debilitating headaches and those who suffer from epilepsy. I find it impossible standing next to any person wearing this. My migraines go into overdrive”. Emmanuel Kisob disagreed and wrote ” What you call the Bamilike traditional material is also the Bamenda traditional cloth? It is in fact called the Ndop. This statement brought fierce debate online.


The SDF Chair John Fru Ndi within the week approved a decision to start a petition campaign for the release of former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo. The resolution stated that Gbagbo’s arrest was unfair, unjust, and unsustainable. “Everyone knows that Africans in general and Cameroonians, in particular, are against the violation of justice that is perpetrated by the UN system through the International Criminal Justice to President Laurent Gbagbo,” Fru Ndi noted. The petition seeks to get 2000 signatures from Cameroonians. BaretaNews asked if Cameroonians support Fru Ndi in this venture?


There was some good news coming from the Cameroons. As part of the efforts to reach out to more patients by making its services more affordable, the Chantal Biya International Reference Centre, CIRCB, Yaounde, has reduced the cost of the Antiretroviral, ARV drug test for AIDS patients who develop resistance. The amount has been slashed from 100,000 FCFA to 10,000 FCFA – a reduction of 90 per cent. According to Prof. Alexis Ndjolo, Director of the Chantal Biya International Reference Centre, the decision officially took effect as from July 28, 2016.-Cameroon Tribune.


BaretaNews made known of French Tech Ticket Programme. It is a gateway for entrepreneurs from all over the world to create startups in France. The programme will select 70 international startups with a 45.000 Euros funding. It is fully an English program though situated in France.


The week ended with our social corner. It reads ” As stated, men most often determined the sex of the child in line with the XY Chromosome theory. Some believe that the manner and ways in which a man has sexual intercourse with his women will be determined whether a boy will be formed. Most women have suffered in marriages at no fault of theirs. Most often if check, the fault will come from the man. Producing sperm is not equal to impregnating a girl. The sperm must be heavy and should sufficiently swim to meet the egg so before you start blaming the woman, the man should check himself “.


God is still saying something.
























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