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A relationship is all about sharing: GET IT DONE.



Today, I want to share these thoughts. A relationship is all about sharing. It is not only about sharing love and sex, but must also involve materials wealth sharing. Relationships are no longer uni-directional. A Relationship is supposed to be a two-way traffic. What are you bringing to the table? Relationships have gone past the level of sex and love. It is now about what do you have? What do you bring? How can each partner help the other grow? How can we complement each other to attain our life goals? It is not about those days when a girl is just chopped off from one family and dumped on the other family to get married. Are you solely depending on the man to get even your pad when you are on your menses? To get a common bathing soap, toothpaste, body lotion, spray, underwears etc.?

Some of the ladies could be very nagging in a relationship. Do not get me wrong, a man should buy things for his girl, a man should be able to once in a while give his lady a treat and spoil her. This does not mean the man should carry most of your burden. No, it does not work that way. The man is in the relationship or got married to you, not your family. He too has responsibilities to take care of his family. Ladies must understand that and stop being a crying baby.
A relationship where even if the girl is unemployed, but the man is employed works better if the girl shows some degree of economic management and even best if both partners bring economic contribution to the table. Ladies should study, get something to do, get into business and be financially independent. A financially independent woman will receive no rubbish from a man, especially a naughty, bully and disrespectful man who thinks because he earns a good job or make some silly cash somewhere can trample on a lady.

Yes, we are in the 21st century and things must be done this way. African ladies who are in Africa must begin to understand these changes. Those in Europe, USA, Canada already understands these concepts, though some are behaving exactly like ladies in Africa.
This is Mark Bara and I approve this message
God is still saying something.

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