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Ritual Killings in Yaounde, 11 Mutilated



mass murder scheme in ambazonia

BaretaNews is shocked to learn of ritual killings in Yaounde. 11 Cameroonians mostly females within the last three weeks have been mutilated and sensitive body parts removed. This has been happening in Nkolbisson neighbourhood in Yaounde where three corpses were found three days ago. A daughter and mother were aggressively anal sex on Monday 8th August and them body parts removed.

The Irony is that Nkolbisson happens to be one of the districts reportedly said to be the safest neighbourhood in the capital city. Observers say Government officials who are ritualists are using these body parts for their own ends.

The population of Yaounde is visibly shocked and scared as news of ritual killings increases within the past few days. Reports from the Cameroons noted that on Tuesday, August 9, in the morning, a lady who was identified as a court clerk was found with her body parts mutilated. She was in her forties. It should be recalled that this incident is coming 3 years after 20 mutilated corpses were found in different areas in Mimboman neighbourhood in Yaounde.


Cameroon Journal reports that one of the corpses identified was a certain Veronique. Her mother’s corpse was also found the same day at Nouvelle Route Nkolbisson, precisely at Chefferie. The old woman was forced to anal sex before her sexual organ was pulled off, investigating officers told reporters on the scene- reports Cameroon Journal.



A Police source said the mutilated corpse of another young lady had earlier been discovered in the same neighbourhood on Monday, bringing the number of ritual killings to three. However, locals disclosed that in the last three weeks, no fewer than 11 mutilated bodies, the majority of them female, have been discovered in the neighbourhood. Atangana Eboula, an inhabitant of Nkolbisson said the killings are gruesome and an abuse of womanhood. “We are no longer safe,” – Cameroon Journal writes.


This is becoming serious. What is the government doing to stop this? Why is Africa so primitive and diabolic? BaretaNews notes that this must be the handiwork of government officials who are seeking political power and wealth.


Cameroonians living in Yaounde especially girls and elsewhere in the country must watch out and be vigilant.

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