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Sex, the art of the game: Cameroonian Woman Swallows Condom



Sex, the art of the game: Cameroonian Woman Swallows Condom
Sex is one of those good things the almighty God gave the Human Race. On a daily basis, 24 hours a day, at various corners you could imagine, billions of people are having sex even as of now, some could be having while reading me. Sex is magic, sweet and should be done with all references and dignity. However, some people use sex for various ends. Some use it as a weapon, others use it for money’s sake and what have you. Sex alone could build homes, it could destroy marriages. However, Christians will tell you how God has prescribed sex to us, other religion does also. The bottom message is that it should be done with respect of the human body.
It seems natural, women are made to master the art of the game. Recently, I told someone that sex is an art, when you imagine it, you translate it into reality and women are more gifted in this art than men. Oh yes, there are very strong men out there you can’t resist but on a general scale do not underestimate the art of sex a woman can display. She learns it nowhere not even by watching those films. It is inbuilt in them. But this revelation from Dr Tee Ebogo-Ngwa in Yaounde, Cameroon makes me wonder and ponder the type of art women can go as far to display. She probably lost it

Dr Tee Ebogo-Ngwa in Yaounde yesterday from Cameroon reported ” Condom removed from a 26 years old woman’s appendix after she was operated upon for acute appendicitis in Babessi, Cameroon. Woman had swallowed condom some time earlier “
So this Cameroonian lady was operated for acute appendicitis and discovered that there was a condom in her appendix. I am still to come to terms of what this lady did? What possibly could have happened during sex that this woman will swallow a condom? I am trying to imagine the art she displayed, got carried away and swallowed a condom? Was she trying to prove a point? Was she paid to do so? Did she suck the man dick with a condom on? I still cannot understand or figure out the scenario in which this could be possible. Was it a form of ritual that has backfired medically? Some women can really be crazy.
As part of our weekend social conversation, BaretaNews seeks to know your views. What do you make of this woman and under what conditions she must have swallowed the condom?
God is still saying something.

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