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AFCON DISGRACE: Teams Reject Transport Buses, AFCONBoycott Gains



Anglophones from all over the national territory have been calling for the boycott of the Female African Cup of Nations Cup scheduled to take place in Cameroon especially when matches are played in Anglophone Cameroon. This call has been made as a show of Unity amongst Anglophones to stand with the Lawyers and teachers who are currently on strike while asking for a return to Federation. However, it seems the African Female Cup of Nations AFCON has failed already before it could start official. We are told that some of the participating teams arriving the country have out rightly rejected the transport buses made available to them by the Cameroon government.

We noticed that on Wednesday, November 16, when some of the teams (South Africa and Egypt) arrived Cameroon at Nsimalen International Airport they were served with a VIP bus hired from the interurban transport company, Touristic. Equinoxe television went on to report that the official buses that were reserved were rejected by the teams as below standard. The government was forced to replaced them with interurban transport buses.
BaretaNews confirms most of those buses that were shown to the Press were not new buses. They hired buses which were painted to look new. A closer look at the buses, one could see cracked windscreens, and cabins that are carrying heavy makeups to shield their originally worn out status.

It should be recalled that the Cameroon government had on August 30, signed an agreement with the Portuguese company, Irmaos Mota Trans Africa. The company was supposed to provide 150 VIP buses, 10 of which were to be dedicated to the AFCON. As usual, the government did not keep its promise – they never paid for them.

Anglophone Cameroon Citizen Journalist, Fon Sama on his Facebook added “Cameroon is in a very tense situation as visitors and participating teams arrives Yaounde for the 12th edition of the AFCON or better still ACON as per the francophone contractor who put the sign in limbe. YESTERDAY saw the arrival of the Egyptian delegation at the Nsimalen Airport . To their greatest dismay, Cameroon is not prepared to host the AFCON , brand new buses which were supposed to be in Cameroon before October 31st are nowhere to be found. The delegation later refused to put their luggage in the pictured minivan which looks like one of the buses running the Yaounde -soa highway . CAF is currently looking at a heavy fine on FECAFOOT the country’s football federation, hopefully, Isa Hayatou doesn’t intervene to pity the on sale La Republique Du Cameroon…’

This is the more reasons Cameroonians must shame the government and boycott AFCON.
God is still saying something.

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