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Murder in the House: Nkwen and Tiko take turns



A murder has been reported to occur in Tiko-subdivision precisely Mondoni in the South West Region over the control of a family cocoa farm. Cocoa is a brisk business that brings forth some hard currencies ,especially for those who invest in it. Meanwhile another is reported in Nkwen, Bamenda.

It has therefore been reported that on Saturday, June 4th, two brothers got into a heated argument over their family cocoa farm. Eugene Kezoh, got so hot tempered during the argument and sliced off his elder brother, Ernest Kezoh, 34, with a machete.

Eyewitness to the incident who happens to be the elder son of the family, Cyprian Kezoh narrated that Eugene and Ernest argued profusely who will be in control of their family Cocoa farm as Ernest claimed Eugene has exploited the farm to his benefits.

The population of Mundoni got wind of the news and immediately arrested Eugene, who was given a snake beating at the village square. Tiko security forces will then arrest the situation and prevented Eugene from mob justice. He is currently under detention.


Evans died in Nkwen

Meanwhile, over the weekend, a similar incident happened in Nkwen, Bamenda. Evans, who came back for a break from a security training school in Mbengwi only got himself stabbed to death. Evans , who decided to go out with some friends to booze ended up arguing with another friend, wannabe who had just returned from prison. The former prisoner removed a knife and stabbed him directly in the chest. Evans finally gave up the ghost at PMI hospital Nkwen. Security forces apprehended the murderer who is awaiting trial.

God is still saying something.

Photos Credit: CJ and AN

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